Series Talk: Living With Yourself

When I opened Netflix, the trailer of a new series caught my eye. A Netflix original tarring Paul Rudd. It was the series "Living With Yourself". So I started watching! Today I will discus my thoughts on the series. 

Still of Living With Yourself on Netflix
Still of Living With Yourself on Netflix

Things are not going so well for Miles. He's not so happy. He's having problems with his wife. Problems at this job. It's all too much. He decides to try out an experimental treatment to improve his life. He goes to a spa for the treatment. But wakes up in a grave... The catch is, that he's just replaced by a better, happier version of himself. Now there are two of him! The new him i taking over his life. He will have to fight for his identity, wife, friends, job... everything! 

My thoughts

I thought the plot idea was great! It sounds ideal right: You're (a bit) unhappy, things don't go as planned. Well, then just go the spa. Get a nice treatment and you're brand new. But then.. there's a clone of you! A new, better, improved, more happy you. Terrible right? I mean, it sound a little bit fun: having two you's. You can split the work, the obligations.. everything! So you can get twice as much done in a day. I mean: Who doesn't need more hours in a day. 


But as you can imagine, it's not (just) fun. There are so many disadvantages. Because: You can share a lot. But your own identity, your life? That the clone is better, happier and more successful of course doesn't help either. I love the subject of Identity, so I was very curious! 


The clone idea reminded me a bit of Orphan Black. But it's not like that at all. I liked the first episodes. Seeing the changes, the struggles. And I also liked that the series goes quite fast. A lot is happening and they're not wasting time waiting on things to happen. There's something going on in every episode. Nevertheless, I'm fully convinced. I enjoy watching it. But it's not like I can't wait to see the next episode. A lot  happens, but I don't really feel a lot of suspension or curiosity. Maybe it just goes to fast for that, So, I don't know. It was nice to watch it. But it's not tat I can't wait for a season 2. I like that I can now pick something else to watch!   


  • "Yeah, I wouldn't want to ruin a this nice morning we're having. Don't know how many more of these nice mornings I can take." (Kate)
  • "To be fair, when I did that, you were me. So in a way, it's your fault too." (Miles)
  • "Let me put this to you simply: How can you be sure that you are you?" (Weinrod)
  • "You are toying with some of mankind's most fundamental concerns. Who we are. And what we are." (Weinrod)
  • "All I'm saying is: I couldn't sleep at night not knowing who I am." (Weinrod) 


Imdb: 7,4

Me: 6 

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