Series Talk: The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance

After watching the movie The Dark Crystal (for the first time!!) in September, I decided to start watching the new series as well. I totally loved the movie, so it triggered me to start on the series right away. (And everyone recommended it when I asked about it on Instagram!). The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance is a prequel to the movie The Dark Crystal (1982, directed by Jim Henson). The series has 10 episodes and zooms in on the events before the movie. 

In the Dark Crystel: Age of Resistance, we're in the world of Thra. There have been many years of peace and balance. But, the Dark Cyrstal falls in the hands of the Skeksis. At first everything still seems to go well. But then, a few Gelflins discover how the Skeksis are taking advantage of the Dark Crystal. The Gelflins start a rebellion.

My thoughts

I really love it! I was already suprised by how much I love the movie. And then I feared the series wouldn't be able to live up to that expectation. But it totally does. It's really awesome and I'm instantly addicted hahaha. It gives me the same feeling as the movie. And the story and characters are great. 


I think the series is very well made. At first I was a bit afraid that everything would look too "new". Too well made. I just really like how the characters look in the movie. I have the same with Star Wars. I just love how everything looks in the fist Star Wars movies. But luckily, the series is totally able to still have the same look and feel. The characters look awesome, sound awesome. I was convinced very quickly haha.


I also think the story development is awesome. I like the different story lines, the angles and how the characters develop. I was curious to see every single episode and couldn't wait to watch more. And now still, I want to see more! 


I like all the species in the Dark Crystal, from the Skeksis to Gelflins and Podlings: They're all awesome in a way. Also the way the Skeksis develop, is very well done. The Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance offer more than enough adventure, politic, drama and excitement. 


And the word "essence"... will never be the same again! 

The characters

There are so many awesome characters in the Dark Crystal:Age of Resistance. So I'll just discuss a few: 

Rian: Rian is a Gelflin. He is a guard of the Stonewood clan. A character I really learned to appreciate. The voice of Rian is Taron Egerton.  

Deet: One of the characters I loved instantly! Deet is also a Gelflin. But she is from the Grottan clan. She cares for the animals and is very kind Gelflin. Nathalie Emmanual is the voice of Deet.  

Aughra: A very important in the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance! Aughra is the keeper of secrets and the very essence of Thra. To gain more knowledge from the astral projection, Aughry trusts the Skesies with the Dark Cyrstal. Something she will really regret later on. Donna Kimball is the voice of Aughra. 

Brea: The rebellious princess of the Vapra Clan! Brea is a Gelflin and one of the daughters of the All-Maudra (The leader of all Gelflin clans). Her voice is done by  Anya Taylor-Joy. 

The Emperor: Skekso is the Emperor of the Skeksis. She wants the Skeksis to be invincible. Jason Isaacs is the voice of Skekso. 

The Scientist: Skektek is the Scientist of the Skeksis. Skektek sees himself as a genius. A master of life and death. His voice is done by Mark Hamill. 

My favorite quotes

Here are a few of my favorite quotes of the Dark Crystal: Age of Resistance. 

  • "Keep Gelflin look over shoulder and they won't ever see what's right in front of them." (The Chamberlain) 
  • "Get help? I am help!" (Aughra) 
  • "You speak but know nothing. Or is it you know and speak nothing." (Aughra)
  • "It's hard to recognize the light when you've spent your whole life in the dark." (Rian)
  • "Promises you cannot keep are no better than lies." (Aughra)

How many seasons?

There's now 1 season with 10 episodes. 


Imdb: 8,8

Me: 9

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