Orange Is The New Black season 7 quotes

I was so excited for the new season of Orange Is The New Black! I really liked season 6, and I was ready to see more! Unfortunately, season 7 is also the final season of Orange Is The New Black. Today, I'm looking back on my favorite quotes of this season. If you haven't seen season 7: Be careful! The quotes might contain spoilers. 

1. "If I'm not alive, then I'm not in prison. That's the only way I can have some kind of control over my own life." (Taystee) 


2. "Are you a therapist or a dealer?" (Taystee) 


3. (About roaches) "They're survivors. They're industrious. And if it comes down to it, they're not afraid to eat their own. You and I know all abut that." (Norma)


4. "Look at her, rubbing her little freedom Cheetos in your face. That's some mad disrespect right there. What should we do to her?" (Daya) 


5.  "Refer to me as sexy, not wise." (Natalie) 


6. "Will you send me pictures of you doing fun stuff? Like riding a bicycle? (Suzanne) 


7. "When you make a bad choice, living with what you've done can be its own punishment. Cause you can be sure as shit those skeletons will come back to haunt you." (Taystee)


8. You know what's great about getting out of psych? Besides you know, getting out of psych? Is actually having a roommate that you can, like, really talk to. My last roommate.. she could barely put two words together. And when she did, they were either "dragon bastard" or "Fight Fire". (Lolly)


9. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. There is a chicken class? What? Are they going to teach to the chickens, abut the chickens or teach us how to be chickens? Why am I even asking? I am so in! (Suzanne) 


10. "You can't just give up hope. Because then, then you're already dead." (Tamika)

11. "Okay, why are you so happy? Did you get some new meds? 'Cause I want some of those. Unless they make you speedy, 'cause I'm speedy enough as it is." (Lolly) 


12.  "In virtue, one gains knowledge. That's the Smith motto. I think that's maybe why I feel like I don't know anything, because I haven't been very virtuous. (Piper)


13.  "The way I see it, if you made a person, you on the hook forever. " (Camilla)


14. "Come see my room, it's a celebration of maximalism." (Frieda) 


15. "Prison is just not as romantic as all those '70s exploitation movies made it seem. I want my money back." (Nicky)