Short film review: I Am A Rain Dog

Have you ever been lost? The short movie we are reviewing today is all about being lost. In many ways! The film kicks off in a hotel room. There's a man in the hotel room, He's drinking, and looking at a business card. He seems a bit frustrated. Then there's a knock on the door. The man behind the business card. Valentine (the man in the hotel room) was driving on the highway. At a certain point he noticed he was lost & tired. He decided to rest in a hotel room. There, he saw Vernon's business card. The business card said Vernon specializes in helping people to get back on track. Since Valentine is lost, he decides to give Vernon a call. 

Being Lost

And that's what this movie is about: Being Lost. And how to be not lost anymore. And I have to admit, I Am A Rain Dog got me a little lost as well. When Vernon comes in, he and Valentine start a conversation. About why Valentine called him and about the services that Vernon offers. Interesting, though confusing. This Vernon is a mysterious man! And you really need to pay attention to keep up! Vernon knows a thing or two about being lost. But it might make you a little lost as well. I had a few times moments like 'Wait what?': rewind. I will illustrate this with a quote: "The mind is a mysterious thing, when we overthink something such as pain, anxiety and depression can occur. You may be looking at something, seeing something, that in actuality is not there. You may be concentrating on something. Then a thought comes in. A new thought. And you become completely confused." Okay, I guess it's not just about getting directions for the road anymore! The movie shows quickly, that it's not only about finding the directions of which highway to take, but on a higher level. But will Vernon be able to help Valentine? Will they discover if Valentine's is really lost? And where he should be?

I Am A Rain Dog

The short film I Am A Rain Dog is directed by Christopher Di Nunzio and written by Kris Salvi. The main actors are Fiore Leo (as Vernon) and Kris Salvi (as Valentine). I Am A Rain Dog is definitely an interesting short film with a lot going on. Get ready to philosophize about being lost, getting lost and getting back on track and check out this short film! 

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