Conmose goes.. Mamma Mia

Welcome to the first article / vlog in a new series. This series is called "Conmose goes... ". For "Conmose goes.." Liv & I will take part in all sorts of activities. Not necessarily movie related.  Just anything, fun, crazy or wild enough to vlog about ;). Our very first activity for "Conmose goes.." was seeing "Mamma Mia The Musical", together with Stevie. Woooohooooo! 

Off to Utrecht

Oohhh yeah! Early in the morning we left for Utrecht, where we would see the musical. We arrived in time. At the Central Station, we met up with Stevie and we started the day with some great coffee! We made sure we had enough time before the musical would start: Time for coffee, lunch talks & fun! With the wind our hair and the musical coming up, we were super excited (and excited is an understatement!). I won't tell you too much: In this series we'll take you with us in vlogs. So... let's watch it!  

Conmose goes.... next!

We had an amazing day seeing "Mamma Mia"! Thank you Stevie for spending the day with us, it was great! Now, we're getting ready for a next "Conmose goes..."! If you have suggestion or request: Let us know in the comments or on social media! Also: If you want to join us on a "Conmose goes..." activity, let us know! 

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