Movie review: Ibiza (2018)

I saw the trailer of this new movie 'Ibiza' and decided to watch it and write a movie review!  I rarely watch romantic comedies. But it was time to do it again and I figured Ibiza would be the one since I bumped into the trailer. I watched the trailer and thought it was interesting. Even the though it's the kind of trailer that makes you feel like you've seen 80% movie by just watching the trailer. Let's find out if I did!  

The movie: Ibiza

Harper (Gillian Jacobs) is sent on a business trip. A company is looking to expand their brand from Spain to the United States. The company that Harper is working for wants to close a deal to become their representative PR firm. It's up to Harper to make it happen. Her friends immediately want to join her on her trip. Harper initially refuses, but soon the convince her to let them join her. The arrive in Barcelona and Harper attends her business meeting. So far so good. That evening, Harper and her friends go to the club. There, she meets a DJ who's playing there that evening: Leo. She falls in love instantly. But will she ever see him again after this evening in the club?

My thoughts

On Facebook, I've already seen a couple of people talking about this movie. Some called it the worst movie on Netflix, other thought it was really nice. Well, I'm somewhere in between. I wouldn't call it the worst (I've seen far many movies for that). But it's also definitely not my favorite. I thought the actors were okay. Though Nikki (Vanessa Buyer)  really annoyed me. Her character was just too much of everything. If you read further: There might be some spoilers!! 


The story is a bit standard. Girl meets boy and falls in love. You would think he's not easy to approach for her. But it's all too easy actually. He immediately notices her. They meet. Exchange phone numbers. What I missed in the complete story, was a build up. Harper and the DJ fell in love so quickly. But then, for all strange reasons, she had to fly to Ibiza to see him again (Even though she had his phone number). It all just didn't add up. For a comedy movie, the jokes were too weak. For a romantic movie, I'd like a little bit more build up.


The ending also wasn't surprising or very good. It's in line with the whole movie. And yes, the trailer shows way too much of the movie. Not everything. But the trailer did ruin the movie a bit for me. When you've seen to much, the wondering is gone.


All in all the movie was kind of amusing. But not really surprising. And very obvious/ predictable. 

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