Sigmund DVD & game update 17

Me and Carola went to the Weekend of Hell convention in Dortmund. This was actually the first time we went to this convention since the new location. Well not only a new location, there were also some changes in the organization. But I won't go into that. I didn't know what to expect going to this convention. At the "old" Weekend of Hell there were always tons of vendors with DVDs. And it turns out that most of the vendors were at the "new" Weekend of Hell as well, and some more that weren't at the previous location. I was very glad with that. We had a very awesome time at Weekend of Hell and we will definitively go again. You can watch the video below to check out all the stuff I got at Weekend of Hell



- The Strange Vice of Mrs Wardh

- Night Train Murders

- Terror Train

- Prom Night

- Blue Family

- Honey Moon

- Atroz

- All Men Are Bastards





- The Mutilator

- Patrick

- Last Cannibal World

- Children of the Damned

- The Nesting

- Madman


- Massacre Time



- Effects

- Bloody Birthday

- Don't Go in the House

- Tenement

- Maniac Cop III: Badge of Silence

- Revolt of the Zombies

- Charles Bronson The Collection


- No Il Caso E`Felicemente Risolto



- Moorhuhn X

- Area 51

- Sentient

- The Raiden Project


Xbox 360:


 - Earth Defenc Force 2017

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