Series tip: The Letdown

I was clicking around in Netflix and saw "The Letdown". A new series on Netflix. I clicked on it and decided to watch a little bit. The next moment I was already watching the last episode of the first season. I just kept watching! 


The Letdown is an Australian comedy series. You're following Audrey, who struggles with just becoming a mom. She joins a mother's group, but feels out of place. Everyone seems to be so perfect. But Audrey has trouble in adjusting to motherhood. She's clumsy and doesn't feel like herself anymore. It's hard to keep up with her 'old' friends. But it's also not easy to fit in with the moms. This all results in an hilarious overview of motherhood through the eyes of Audrey! 

My opinion

This series was easy to follow, funny and very addictive. The episodes are quite short and nice to watch in between of doing things. I just binge watched it and saw season 1 in 2 days. It's just very funny. You get easily attached to the characters. I'm not a mom, so I can't say if it's representative of motherhood and the struggles that come with it. 


I liked how Audrey tries to keep up with everyone. Tries to keep her friendships. But also realizes how her new life is taking over. And keeping in touch is harder than before. And taking care of her child is harder than it seemed. Living while barely sleeping. She copes with everything in her own way. 


I just thought Audrey was funny and likable. She has humor and just tries to approach motherhood in her own way, but she also wants to fit in. She's trying to keep in touch with her old friends. But they don't have children and still like to party a lot. She's also getting to know the mothers from her mother's group. But they seem to be handling motherhood perfectly. 


The actors

I didn't know any of the actors in the Letdown. I really love Alison Bell as Audrey. 

Other cast members are: 


Duncan Fellows as Jeremy

Leon Ford as Ruben

Noni Hazelhurst as Ambrose

Sascha Horler as Ester

Celeste Barber as Barabara

Leah Vandenberg as Martha

Lucy Durack as Sophie


My favorite characters besides Audrey are Sophie and Ester!  

How many seasons?

1 up until now! 


Imdb: 6,5

Carola: 7

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