Movie review: Red, White and Blue

Red, White and Blue is one of the unique movies I've watched lately. Somehow I'm watching a lot of strange of different movies. And I love it. Red White and Blue is one of those movies that sticks with you. At least with me. Sometimes when someone asks what I watched last week, I can barely remember it. Well, I've watched Red, White and Blue 2 weeks ago and I still remember it very well! It's one of the movies I got from Sig for Christmas. You can see the unboxing of these Zeno Pictures DVDs in my unboxing on Youtube

The movie

Erica is a girl who sleeps around a lot. She has slept with a lot of men. And is continuing to do so. But she isn’t happy. It’s just a way of life. Until she meets Nate. Nate is a bit strange. But he’s actually nice to her. And he’s not after having sex with her. Slowly, they develop a friendship. Erica starts to feel more at ease. But then the consequences of her past catch up with her..

Red, White & Blue is directed by Simon Rumley. He also directed the Living and the Dead (2006), the Truth Game (2001), Fashionista (2016) and more. I'm really curious to see Fashionista. That one is going on my watchlist now!  The main roles in the movie are for Amanda Fuller (Erica), Noah Taylor (Nate) and Marc Senter (Franki). I think they all did a great job. I specifically liked Amanda in Noah in this movie. As for Marc Senter, I was too distracted by Franki's earrings haha. Just watch the movie and you'll know what I mean. No, really, the acting was good. I will watch more or Amanda Fuller and Noah Taylor. 

My thoughts

I really, really liked this movie! I had no idea what to expect. but it was better than I imagined. It starts off slow. More like a drama kind of movie. And then, halfway, it turns. Then you see the thriller/ horror part of the movie. And I love it. This movie made a big impression on me. Some might think that the beginning is too slow or boring. But I loved the character development. It's nice to get to know Nate and Erica and learn to appreciate them. The movie does a great job in that. You start with Erica's way of living, then you see her change. And then, just when you get used to a new Erica, her past is back.  

The second half is even better. Everything happens. There's a fast pace and you have to pay attention to make sure you're not missing anything. I like the more thriller/ horror part of this movie. Also because of how the movie starts, it's able to shock and surprise. I'm really glad to have it on DVD and will definitely watch it a second time!  

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