Movie review: Saudade

Get ready for a heavy break up. Because Saudade will show you what that looks like. Director, writer, producer & actor Kemal Yildirim asked us to watch and review the short film Saudade. The film has been completed recently and is now touring film festivals. Liv & I took a look at the trailer and synopsis and decided to watch Saudade together on our Conmose day. 

Saudade is a dark Psychological drama. It revolves around Alice (Holly-Rose Durham). She had a relationship with Tris (Kemal Yildirim). In Saudade, she's dealing with the aftermath of this relationship. The movie starts silent, we just see Alice. Instantly, you feel in how much pain she is. It's a strong beginning. You're just wondering what's wrong. Slowly you're learning more about her pain and what's causing it. Curious for the trailer? Watch the official trailer below! 

What's nice about Saudade, is that it's a mix of the present, the past and possibly the future as well. We just follow Alice's line of thoughts. Which makes it realistic but confusing at times as well. Which is of course logical: Some things she touches or sees trigger her memories. And get drawn into her thoughts and she's not letting us go. You have to stay focus to keep track of the present and past. And the movie leaves you with many questions. We see Alice's view on the events and get to feel a bit of how she feels. Warning: This isn't a feel good movie ;). 

The camera work is great. It looks professional and the lighting is also very good. The sound is good. But sometimes the actors speak a little to softly for me. But most of the time it's good & easy to follow. i like that the movie contains a lot of subtle hints & depth. Saudade is more than just a woman crying over a break up. Keep an eye out for subtle hints and be prepared for a rocky road. If you do that, I'm sure this short film will stick with you for  a while. 

Want to see more of our thoughts? Check out the video below! 

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