Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt

Kimmy Schmidt is 29 years old. She gets rescued from a doomsday cult in Durnsville. She was helt captive for 15 years by reverend Richard Wayne Gary Wayne with 3 other women. When she gets rescued, she starts a new life in New York. She finds a job very quickly and befriends her roommate and landlady. 

How about the actors?

Ellie Kemper plays the role of Kimmy Schmidt. Ellie is also known for Bridesmaids, 21 Jump Street and the Office (as receptionist Erin Hannon). I knew her mainly already for her role in the Office. Her role in the Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt does remind me a bit of her role in the Office. 


Tituss Burgess plays the role of her roommate: Titus Andromedon. Tituss is an actor and singer. I didn't know him before I watched Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. You might have seen him in 30 Rock. He's awesome in this series. A hilarious character with so much energy! 


Landlady Lillian is played Carol Kane. I'm sure I have seen her in another series or movies, but I can't tell which one. She has played in so many movies. She's known for Addams Family, The Prinses's Bride, the Pacifier and way more! 


Okay, one more! Jane Krakowski plays Kimmy's boss Jacqueline. She's also known for 30 Rock. But there's more. A few examples: Ally McBeal, National Lampoon's Vacation, the Rocker and more.  

How many seasons?

3 up until now!

My opinion

I really love the intro song! Just love it. It's such a happy song and it just stays in my head all day long. I always watch the intro haha and really enjoy listening to the song. Mainly "It's a miracle" just keeps going on in my head. It's comedy series. And the episodes are quite short (about 25 minutes). So the ideal in between series! I'm not big fan of comedy. So I don't really binge the series. But just every once in a while I watch an episode when I have time. It's easy to follow and funny. Something you can watch whenever you feel like it. 


I like the characters in the series. Kimmy is great and I like seeing her develop. Her roommate Titus is hilarious. There's so much drama and enthusiasm. Every character adds something to the whole and delivers a lot of fun! Even though it's funny and the series has a lot of energy, the story is not something that keeps pulling me back. I can watch a few episodes and then stop again for a year. I like it, but it's not that I can't wait to watch the net episode. If something else comes by, I easily switch to watching another series. 


Imdb: 7,8

Me: 6,5

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