The End of the F***ing World

James (17) is a psychopath. That's what he says about himself. He has killed some animals during his childhood. Now he decided it's time for more. He wants to kill a human being as well. His eye falls on Alyssa (17) a troubled girl at his school. He makes her fall in love with him. James is still figuring out how and when to kill her. When she wants to runaway this seems the perfect opportunity for James. They leave for a road trip together. 

How about the actors?

Alyssa is being played by Jessica Barden. I hadn't seen her in another movie or TV series before. But I think she's really awesome in this series! Very convincing, I love how she portrays Alyssa.  Jessica is also known for her roles in Penny Dreadful (Justine), Mindhorn (Jasmine), Lullaby (Meredith) and more. Alex Lawther plays the role of James. He's great in portraying James as creepy, weird teenager that you still feel sympathy for. Alex is also known for Freak Show (Billy Bloom), departure (Elliot) and The Imitation Game (Young Alan Turing). I think we will definitely hear more of both of them! 


I recognized one of the actresses in the TV series: Gemma Whelan, who we know as Yara Greyjoy in Game of Thrones, plays the role of detective Eunice Noon. I had to look twice, but then I was sure it's her. And it is! It's nice to see her in a completely different role. Which brings me to the detective duo in this series: Eunice and Teri (played by Wunmi Mosaku). They're a bit of weird duo..You'll find that out yourself if you watch the series.  Other roles are for Steve Oram (Phil), Christine Bottomley (Gwen), Navin Chowdrhy (Tony) and Barry Ward (Leslie)

Who will like this?

The End of the F***ing World is a comedy/ drama movie. If you want to watch this Tv series, you definitely need to like watching some teenagers gone bad. Like really bad. Lots of swearing and not caring about what anyone thinks of them. If you can see the humor in that, you definitely might love this series. But this is not at all the next predictable high school series. James & Alyssa are one of a kind. Be prepared for some big surprises. 

How many seasons?

The first season is on Netflix now. It's a Netflix Originals series. 

My opinion

I watched the whole first season within one week. I had been a while since I've watched that many episodes of a TV series in a week. I really liked it. Even though the story is really messed up haha. You know that these teenagers are actually terrible. But especially in the beginning it's fun to see how different they are and how they're just doing their own thing. Of course nothing goes as expected. And they easily get in trouble. But I like that this series is really different. That the main characters are very different. I loved the scene (one of the first episodes) where they go to a diner together and Alyssa gets in a fight with the waitress. There's a lot going on in the series and I like how everything goes quite quickly. The actors do really good job and I love the dynamic between them. I was always curious for the next episode! I'm definitely looking forward to the second season. 

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