Movie review: You Get Me

Tyler & Ali are in a relationship and very much in love. On evening, they're going to a party together. It ends with a big fight and they split up. Tyler is angry and he bumps into Holly again. A girl who he met earlier on the party. He tells her he just got dumped and they leave together to continue the party somewhere else. They end up spending the night together. They stay the whole day after that together until he leaves to go home in the evening. Back home, he apologizes to Ali and they reconcile. Then, Holly shows up. She going to his school now as well. 

You Get Me is a 2017 Thriller, directed by Brent Bonacorso. Tyler Henson is being played by Taylor John Smith. Halston Sage plays the role of Alison and Holly is being portrayed by Bella Thorne. I didn't know any of the actors in this movie. Though I had the feeling I had seen Bella in a movie before. Bella has done quite some other movie already like the Babysitter, Blended, Frenemies, Forget Me Not and way more! Halston is also known for Before I Fall, Paper Towns, Bad Neighbors and more. Taylor also played in Almost Friends, Wolves, Martyrs etc. In this movie, I liked the character of Holly the most. Tyler just has this worried frown all movie long, but his emotions on't really go up and down. It doesn't really convince me that he's scared for his relationship or very worried about Holly. Everything seems to worry him equally. 

And Ali.. Well, Ali is just naive. Her character doesn't get much depth and that's where they fail to make her likable. She nice. Yes. But I'm more rooting for Holly actually. We get to see more of Holly, her thoughts and struggles than of Ali. All I saw was just the happy girlfriend of Tyler. Yes, she had some problems in the past. But that's just mentioned. I don't feel it. So there could have been way better character development. It's all about what's happening now, and not such about their personalities and background. 

All in all the start of the movie was good. I was actually interested in how this plot would turn into a thriller and what would happen. Really kicked in soon: The movie fails to surprise and is predictable all the way. Where I liked the first half, the second half wasn't so good. Because the characters aren't too likable, there's not much (or just no) suspense. I didn't really care what would happen. And what did happen, I could basically guess. It was an "ok" movie to watch just in between things. When you're fully concentrated or actually too tired to watch a movie. All together this movie won't end up in my DVD collection. (I watched in on Netflix). 

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    Indrani (Thursday, 28 December 2017 15:40)

    Love triangles are always interesting. You never know which side the story will tilt till the end. As you said Ali could have had a better defined role. Will watch it if I get a chance.