Series Tip: Marvel’s Runaways

If there is one new show that isn’t getting a lot of attention when it comes to Marvel so far, it’s the new show which premiered November 21st. I'm talking about Marvel’s Runaways. Because of that, we decided to make it our tip of the week. The series tip is this time written by Simone from Annie Wersching Fans! 

What is it about?

The main story-line as it’s described by Hulu is: “ Every teenager thinks their parents are evil, but what if they actually are? “. The basic story is that the kids find out that their parents are not who they say they are. They preform sacrifices. Killing runaway kids in a blood sacrifice for someone of something. Every parent has a different background and somehow they are together. ( I can’t tell why.. that would spoil a lot of the series) Through the series you will find out about these backgrounds from the parents. You will see them with emotions, you will see that there is a main reason. 

How about the actors?

The actors are incredible. Rhenzy Feliz / Virginia Gardner / Lyrica Okano / Allegra Accosta / Gregg Sulkin and Ariela Barer are amazing in their roles as the respective teens of the show. Especially Rhenzy is the one that I got my eyes focussed on from day one. But that also might have to do with the comics. He’s the perfect Alex the show could have wished for. Allegra is such a sweet person and amazing at the portrayal of Molly. I was a bit worried about her but that all changed as soon as I saw the trailer. She is still much like the Molly in the comics. Virgina Gardner is probably my favorite of the kids because she is all I dreamed of in her character Karolina. She shows all of her emotions well and of course she keeps on having certain hints towards the character which is played by the amazing Lyrica Okano called Nico. Their dynamic is so fun to watch. I love it. Gregg’s character is very interesting and you can tell he’s been in the business longer then the rest of the teens. Which makes his scenes also a joy to watch.


I can’t list all the parents per actor as that’s a very long long list so I will pick out some of my favorites so far.


Annie Wersching who plays Leslie is definitely my top favorite of all of the parents. And it’s not just because she is my favorite actress. Her character being very different from the comics.  That was  proof to me that she would be able to set in a different Leslie then the one who I knew. Which can be seen as a challenge for her. She’s done an incredible job at it so far and I already noticed some of that “ manipulative “ ways.


Brittany Ishibashi has proven me that she is the perfect Tina. She’s very dark,  there's a lot of twist and you can see that in her face. I couldn’t wish for a better Tina than her. 


Birgid Brannagh and Kevin Weisman are two I can just combine together. They are the fun and joy of the show. The comedy of the show. So keep an eye out when these two are on your screen because you may end up laughing your ass off.


James Marsters is one known for his dark , spooky roles and he has proven that he can be this person even in the role as Victor Stein. He’s a like his character in the comics but with a twist. 


Ryan Sands and Angel Parker are incredible too. Ryan brings a lot of depth to his character that is known in the comics, and Angel scares me sometimes as Catherine because she can switch her face from very smiley to very dark in seconds. That’s really a pro in her.


Sadly we haven’t seen to much of James Yaegashi / Kip Pardue and Ever Carradine and I hope we will because to me it feels as if these two are a bit put in the background which is a shame.


Also, keep an eye out on the guest stars. I can’t tell you when Julian McMahon shows up, but when he does, you will immediately be either suspicious or scared.  He reminds me a little of his character Cole Turner in Charmed but darker.


Oh and let’s not forget the star of the show. Old Lace. Old Lace is done by CGI and a puppet and looks so real. Puppet you may ask? Old Lace is a Deinonychus ( dinosaur ), who’s telepathically linked to Gert (Ariela Barer) 


Overall all the actors are all incredible with the fans. As a host of the Runaways fan site I’ve seen all the interaction with the fans and that’s one to write about in books. They are extremely kind and driven. We get to see a lot of behind the scenes things, which is so much fun to watch.

Who will like this?

Fans of shows like Gossip Girl as well as fans of Riverdale / The OC / Charmed / The Vampire Diaries will love this show. It’s a slow burner, more like the comics. But it's an incredible add on to the Marvel Universe. I think it also fits with Jessica Jones in some ways. So if you are a fan of that one, you will love this show.

How many seasons?

1 so far. We don’t know at this point if the show will get renewed.


ImdB: 7,5

Me: 9+

Want to know more? Check out the Marvel's Runaways fan site

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  • #1

    Aica Batoon (Tuesday, 19 December 2017 16:10)

    Whaaat? How come I've never heard of this series? Thank you so much for sharing this! I've been a Marvel fan for a long time and it makes me feel guilty for not even hearing about this! It sounds interesting and since Christmas vacation is approaching, I might watch this <3

  • #2

    Milton Coyne (Thursday, 28 December 2017 15:05)

    I haven't watched it yet but I saw the trailer! It was really intriguing. I am not a die hard fan of Marvel but I love everything about them and their ever growing universe.
    I am not familiar with any of the character but the superpowers especially that girl with a staff seems super cool!
    Will definitely look forward to this series

  • #3

    Thinking about this (Monday, 29 January 2018 01:49)

    Every one thinks at times that their parents are evil, if only for a few seconds, but some parents actually are evil. Yes, an odd premise for a show but also lots of potential for humour. Thanks for telling is about this series.