Movie review: The Last Witch

From 1615 to 1619, there was a witch hunt in Tarrassa, Spain. In this process, six women were accused of witchcraft. They were sentenced to death on October 27th, 1619. Terrassa and the surrounding areas had been affected by bad economy and troubled weather for several years. It was rumored that it was causd by witches, who worshipped Satan. As a result, there was a witch panic. Authorities felt forced to form a witch commisson to prevent lynchings. Six women were accused in 1619. They were arrested, examined for a witch marks. Margarida Tafanera, Eulalia Totxa, Joana Sabina, Guillermo "Miramunda" Font and Miquela "Esclopera" Casanovas were executed in Terrassa on October 27th 1619. The sixth woman was Joana Toy. it is unknown today what happened with Joana Toy.

Now, let's about the movie we received to review. In the Last Witch, three friends film a documentary about Joanna Toy. Like I mentioned in the intro of our article, she was a woman convicted of witchcraft 400 years ago in the town of Terrassa, Spain. The ancestor of one of the friends was in charge of identifying and condemning the witches in Terrassa. Joanna was seen as the leader of the witches. She was accused and tortured. After a lot torture, she confessed to having murdered 6 boys and being the leader of the witches. But somehow she escaped. The three friends think she might have moved outside Terrassa to go to family. They decide to visit this place and try to find out. 

Director/ Writer Carlos Almón Muñoz decribes the movie as a fictional account of what might have happened to Joanna Toy. I think it's an interesting plot idea. If you're not familiar with the complete history, no worries. The movie gives a fair amount of historical insights. The historical background is well explained, which makes the movie easy to watch for everyone. The pace of the movie isn't really fast. Which is actually quite nice. There's focus on how the friends do their research and how they decide to find their information. I like that the 'scary' part of the history isn't the only focus. It's also about doing the research, looking at their own past and  deciding together which approach is the best. I liked the scene in the cafe, which illustrated their friendship a bit more. I would have loved to see a bit more of these friendship moments and inside jokes. 

the acting was good. I really liked Paula Pier as Sandra. I thought she did an amazing job. The dialogs are good and well thought of. The only ones that felt a bit stiff was the conversation Sandra had about symbol when she asked someone to check it out. It felt strange why he didn't just start telling. She really had to pull out all information. And his way of talking that had to bring some suspense was a bit too early in the story. I won't talk about the other dialog because I don't want to spoil anything!  The overall plot was a bit predictable. Some elements were exactly as I'd expected and a bit to obvious. I like a bit more subtlety, suspense and surprises. I would have loved a bit more suspense & surprising twists.  The camera work was fine. It's a found footage film and a hand held camera is being used. I like how the put down the camera when they're all together and having a conversation. 

All in all it's a nice found footage movie with an historical touch. I love the cast, they're all great. But Paula definitely stood out for me. It's an interesting approach and angle. And if you love found footage movies, give it a try! 

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    Maria (Sunday, 17 December 2017 18:12)

    With movies, it's always nice to have an historical touch or a little bit of truth along the way. It gives the possibility of being really true at some point. I'm really curious about this movie and would watch it maybe after Christmas. But, what I'm really excited to read next on your blog are the thoughts you have about Star Wars VIII �