Sig's DVD & game update 12

So for this DVD & game update I got something special for you guys and girls. Instead of the usual flea-market or con loot, this time I show you the stuff I got in New York. Me and Carola went to New York City on holiday and we also went to New York Comic Con. Besides all the sightseeing and other awsome things we did in New York, we also did a lot of shopping. And I found a lot of great things. I went to various game and DVD shops. I did my research before our we went to New York. Since the city is so huge, it is kind of nice to know where some interesting shops are. I also made a list of things I would be looking for. My main goal was to find things that aren't released in the Netherlands or in Europe. And most of the things I bought made that requirement. If you are looking for (retro)games and/or DVDs I would recommend giving New York City a visit. Hell I would recommend New York even if you aren't looking for any of that. It's an amazing city and we had a great time. But anyway here is my video of the things I got, I hope you enjoy it. Oh yeah by the way, the store I'm talking about where I forgot the name of was actually called Forbidden Planet.

Here is a list of all the things I got:



- The Shining

- Don't Answer The Phone

- Slumber Party Massacre

- Blacula/Scream, Blacula, Scream

- Slaughter's Big Rip-off

- Splatter: Architects of Fear

- Susperia (3 disc edition)

- Maniac

- Cult of Chucky

- 31

- Combat Shock (2 disc edition)

- Night of the Creeps

- Class of Nuke 'em High

- Tromeo & Juliet

- The Hanging Woman

- Monster in the Closet

- Surf Nazis Must Die


Xbox 360:

- Cabela's Outdoor Adventures

- Jurassic Park The Game

- Ducktales Remasterd


Xbox One:

- Cabela's African Adventures

- Big Buck Hunter Arcade

- Mortal Kombat XL

- Killing Floor 2

- Lego Star Wars The Force Awakens

- Mega Man Legacy Collection

- Mega Man Legacy Collection 2

- Lego Marvel Avengers

- Lego Batman 3 Beyond Gotham

- Lego Marvel Super Heroes

Playstation 2:

- Cabela's Deer Hunt 2004 Season

- NRA Gunclub


- Playstation:

- Cabela's Deer Hunt Open Season

- RPG Maker

- Twisted Metal 3

- Twisted Metal 4

- Jet Moto 3

- Bushido Blade 2

- Blaster Master: Blasting Again

- Uprising X

- King of Fighters '96

- Lifeforce Tenka (PAL)

- NHL Face Off

- Williams Arcade's Greatest Hits

- NFL Gameday

- Ridge Racer

- Striker 96

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