Sig's DVD and game update 10

So it's my 10th DVD and game update already. And what's the best way to celebrate? More DVDs and video games haha. We went to two different flea markets again. These will probably be the last two outdoor markets we've been to this year. But that's okay, because there are a lot of indoor flea markets in our area as well. But this summer has been very good to me. And I found so much good stuff. It has happened to me that I came back empty handed from a flea market. But not this summer. I'm still amazed by all the great things I found. And in this video that is no different. I found so much DVDs that I can't even show all of them in the video. But I show you the most interesting ones. And I even found a Sega Mega Drive game (and no it's not Sonic or Mega Games). Just give the video a watch to see what I got.

Here's a list of the things I got:


- Cordero de Dios

- Un Prophète

- Son Frère

- A Ta Me

- The Holy Girl

- All About My Mother

- Mean Creek

- Secrets and Lies

- Rabbit Proof Fence

- Shooting Dogs

- Lucía y el Sexo

- Matador

- Betty Blue

- Lantana

- The Road To Guantánamo

- Hans Teeuwen: Spiksplinter

- E.T. (3 disc edition)

- Leprechaun 2

- The Wolf of Wall Street

- French Connection 2

- Road To Perdition

- Salò

- The Exorcism of Emily Rose

- Call of the Wild

Xbox 360:

- Assassins Creed

- Pirates of the Caribbean At World's End

- Up

- WWE Smack Down vs Raw 2011

- Crackdown

- Alpha Protocol

- C.S.I. Hard Evidence

- Lord of the Rings: Conquest



- Enter The Matrix


- Playstation 2:

- Future Tactics



- Mercury Meltdown

- Worms 2:  Open Warfare


Sega Mega Drive:

- Bubble and Squeak

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