Meeting Laurence R. Harvey

Laurence R Harvey at Weekend of Hell

I remember watching the Human Centipede for the very first time. I was home alone and decided to watch the movie. After watching it, I didn't know what to think of it. The movie is very original and creative. But also shocking. It was strange to watch it. But, my curiosity won and I also watched part 2 and 3. And that's where I got to know Laurence R Harvey. Before going to Weekend of Hell April 2017, I watched all 3 movies again. Now I really appreciate the movies. They're strange but different. And I like that. So of course, I was excited to get the chance to meet Laurence at Weekend of Hell. 


 Laurence R Harvey is an English actor. He is best known for his roles in the Human Centipede 2 and 3. Yes. Roles. He plays a different role in the Human Centipede 2 than in the 3rd movie. 


The panel of Laurence R Harvey

Laurence R Harvey at Weekend of Hell

We attended Laurence's panel on the first day of Weekend of Hell. We were excited to hear more about the movies and hear more about Laurence. So let's talk about some interesting things from the panel! 


- What happened in each scene was written down (dialogs and events). But Laurence R. Harvey had input on the way Martin Martin acts and moves: The way Martin is. Laurence worked with and around the framework he had. 

- There was also a question: if you would be a part of the human centipede, which part would you be (The front, the middle, the back). This caused a lot of laughs! Laurence's first response was: The one who's making it! 

- He didn't think it was very difficult to play the role of Martin. He understands a bit what Martin feels like. Not the violent part. He can understand why Martin does things. And we all know the feeling of being picked on. And wanting revenge. The people in the centipede are more symbolic for that. 

- When he was contacted about the role of Martin, he quickly googled 'The Human Centipede'. He read some reviews online. And they intrigued him. Half of the reviews hated the movie and the other half loved it. Laurence R. Harvey thought that was a good sign. He hadn't seen the film until the day of his casting. They screened the film for people who were auditioning. He saw it there. 

- When he watched the movie he didn't think he would get the role. He thought Dieter Laser was so good in the first one, that he wouldn't get the part. 


Getting an autograph: Laurence R. Harvey

Laurence R Harvey at Weekend of Hell

The second day, I decided I wanted to get an autograph as well! I already brought a present for Laurence R. Harvey. But I always decide on the spot what to do or not to do. Luckily enough, Liv filmed everything. So you guys can check out the video below and see how I got the autograph. Of course, I was doubting till the very last moment. I always do that because I get so nervous! I'm glad I did it though! I knew which picture I wanted to have signed immediately. So I didn't have to an autograph dance like Liv always does haha. Laurence was very kind. I gave him the stroopwafels I brought and told him I was from the Netherlands. He already knew what stroopwafels were! So many people are familiar with it haha. Has any of you ever had stroopwafels? Then he gave me the autograph. He also wrote on it: "I hope your next mothers day will be better than Martins." hahaha. It's awesome. 

I was glad to meet Laurence R. Harvey at Weekend of Hell. It was a great experience. if you're a fan of the movie, make sure to meet him at a con if you get the chance. He's funny and friendly guy. No need to be nervous! (Even though I always am haha)

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