20 guests we'd like to meet at Weekend of Hell

Most of you already know that we visited Weekend of Hell in April 2017. We're looking forward to going to Weekend of Hell in November again. Today we share with you the 20 guests we would like to see at Weekend of Hell! 

in random order: 


1. Sid Haig

I'm a húge fan of Rob Zombie movies and mainy love House of 1000 corpses and the Devil's Rejects. I really think Captain Spaulding is awesome!! It would be amazing to meet Sig one day in person! 


2. Robert Lasardo

We have seen him once before. But it was oour first convention and we were to shy to talk to all of the actors (we only had a chat with Kim Coates). But Robert was a great guy and I'd love another opportunity to meet him. 


3. Sheri Moon Zombie

Okay, I knów this is a lot to ask. Might be impossible. But still. WHo wouldn't love to see her? She's amazing! 


4. Jennifer Tilly

I'm a huge fan of the Chukcy movies! I loved meeting Brad Douriff at Weekend of Hell and would love to meet Jennifer Tilly as well. I read once: "In a world full of barbies, be a Tiffany!"Love that. 


5. Jimmy Smits

I love Sons of Anarchy and Nero is one of my favorites! It would be SO amazing to meet Jimmy Smits at Weekend of Hell. 


6. Kathy Bates

My favorite movie is Misery! And Kathy Bates is SO awesome. She's a great actress. And she also plays in American Horror Story! Reason enough for a visit to Weekend of Hell I'd say ;). 


7. Michael Berryman

Isn't he awesome in the Hills Have Eyes? Also a horror movie I like to watch! Would love to meet him as well


8. Julian McMahon

Also a quite big name. I've been a fan f Julian ever since he played Cole n Charmed. His role as a demon is Charmed qualifies him as a guest for Weekend of Hell for me :). Isn't he awesome? later on, I also watched Nip/Tuck (Robert Lasardo also plays a role in that series) and he's great there as well. 


9. Lawrence Gilliard Jr. 

We're not forgetting about the Walking Dead! I loved Lawrence as Bob in The Walking Dead. But I also think he's amazing in the Wire. I would love to meet him at Weekend of Hell!


10. Felissa Rose

I LOVE the Sleepaway Camp movies. Felissa Rose plays the role of Angela in these movies. I'd love to meet her! 


11. William Ragsdale

I think this would be an awesome guest. Weekend of Hell had him on their guestlist a few years ago, but unfortunately he had to cancel. William is mostly known for his roles in Fright Night (Part 1&2) and Gremlins.


12. Ellen Burstyn

As you may know I love The Exorcist! Since Linda Blair had to cancel for the most recent Weekend of Hell, why not invite Ellen Burstyn? She is an amazing actress and I thought she was magnificent in Requiem for a Dream.


13. Scott Wilson / Jon Bernthal

Okay I know I am cheating, but we would love to see some The Walking Dead guests, as do a lot of people. When we visited WOH for the first time Scott Wilson (Hershel) was a guest and until this day I kick myself for not getting an autograph. Also Jon Bernthal (Shane) would be very nice to meet.


14. Sissy Spacek

Carrie....should I say more?


15. Skeet Ulrich

We love Scream, so anyone from Scream will be ok. Except for Jamie Kennedy...Skeet plays the role of Billy in the frst Scream movie.


16. Bruce Campbell

Let's bring Ash Williams to Germany! Bruce Campbell is the face behind one of the most iconic characters from one of the most iconic franchises in Horror history (in my humble opnion).


17. George A. Romero

Hey... a girl can dream, right?


18. Holly Marie Combs

She plays Piper in Charmed and Ella in Pretty little Liars. Charmed is one of my favorite series and I love Pretty Little Liars.


19. Jeff Goldblum

The Fly, Jurassic Park, Invasion of the Body Snatchers and many more! 


20. Ryan Hurst

We want Opie!

Let us know in the comments! Which actor or actress would you love to meet? 

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    André (Saturday, 22 April 2017 06:23)

    George Romero, Sid Haig and Michael berryman have been at the weekend of hell (horrors back then) but will probably make a return visit as they are indeed fan favorites