I don't feel at home in this world anymore

Well, I think a lot of people think this every now and then. A lot is happening in the world and sometimes you're just wondering: What happened? I can imagine the idea of not feeling 'at home' anymore sometimes. Bad things happen. Way too often. That's why I was intrigued when I saw a Netflix Orginal movie with the title I just Don't Feel at Home in this World Anymore. I wanted to watch a movie because I had some ironing to do. When I'm ironing, I love to watch a movie. Just ironing is boring and I love multitasking.  I checked the plot description, the genre (Crime/ Drama) and the rating on IMDb (7,1). Then I decided to watch this movie. 

Movie Review I Just Don't Feel At Home In This World Anymore

Everyone is an asshole

Ruth (Melanie Lynskey) is a timid nurse.  One day, she comes home and finds out she has been burgled. She calls the police but gets disappointed by their approach. She's not sure if she actually locked the door and the police can't really do anything. They make a file, but that's it. She's frustrated and at home.  Then sees a dog poop on her lawn. She goes after the owner and yells at him for letting his dog poop at her lawn. During a conversation with a friend, she complains: Everyone is an asshole! 


She realizes the police won't find the burglars and she decides to ask people in the neighborhood if they have seen anything. But no one seems to know everything and the neighbors don't really help. She also arrives at the home of the dog poop man, a man who's actually called Toby (Elijah Wood). He thinks she's there again about the dog poop and it's an awkward conversation. Then Ruth tells him about the burglary and he gets furious. Not at her, but at the fact, there was a burglary. He's saying: "It makes me so furious. This affects all of us." She's a bit scared and decides to leave saying: "I think I'm good. Thanks."

Find the Burglars

Back home, her phone goes off. It can track her laptop (Which was stolen) and she can see the address where the laptop is currently located. She's thrilled and calls the police. But the police tells her it's not that easy. They can include the information in the report, but they aren't able to send out units. They need a search warrant to go into the house. 


I liked the movie till so far. It's an interesting concept. And I get how you sometimes think that everyone is an asshole and no one is doing good. And it just feels like the police aren't willing to do anything. On the other hand: It's only logical that the police won't barge into a house just because you say your phone has located your laptop. (Who says it's your laptop? Your phone? Not prank?). But still, you feel for Ruth and it all just seems so unfair. No one will help her and she's just all alone.


She decides to return to Tony (the dog poop guy). She asks him to be her back-up. She wants to get the laptop herself. I had to look twice at Tony. He looked so familiar! It took me while to realize that Elijah Wood is playing Tony. I think he's doing great in this role! Back to the story: The go over to the house to get Ruth's laptop. Only to find out the situation isn't as easy as it seemed. The laptop has been sold, these people are not the burglars. So te story goes on. Ruth and Tony work together to find out who burgled her. But can they handle the criminals? 

Story development

I like the angle of the movie. It's something, I think, that is recognizable for a lot of us. Sometimes you just look at the world, at the criminality and you wonder where we are going. What's happening? So I like the idea that Ruth changes after the burglary. Just has another point of view. Looks around and just sees a lot of rude people. And feels like everyone is an asshole. It's interesting to see the story develop. Ruth gets more confidence. And also gets more disappointed (by the police, the neighbors). She's determined to find the burglars. She changes, but still not in a bad way. The goal is just to get her stuff back. And to show that it's wrong to do that. 


But at some point, the change was too much for me. Not in Ruth's behavior, but in the changes in the plot, the amount of violence and the probability. I didn't like that part too much. Some scenes even looked, in my opinion, more like a comedy horror movie. Or just a comedy even. Things went too quickly and I didn't find believable. It felt a like too much of a genre switch. 


All in all, I like the concept and the actors were great. I liked the beginning and middle of the movie. But don't like the last part as much. In my opinion that could have been way more believable and subtle. 

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