Movie review: Fist Fight

Movie Review Fist Fight

Sig and I decided it was time to go the Sneak Preview again. It's been a while since we had seen a sneak preview. We went to Pathe in Maastricht (The Netherlands). In teh Sneak Preview, you don't know which movie you'll see. The only thing yoou know is that it will be a movie which will be in teh cinemas soon. I always like it. Just have a surprise and not know what you're going to watch. It can go either way. I've seen movies I thought were great and terrible in the sneak.  


I hoped this time it would be Fences. I really want to see that movie, but it wasn't in the cinemas yet. But.. No Fences! The movie we got to see was Fist Fight! Yep. A comedy. Usually I'm not too fond of comedies. I just don't quickly find something funny.  But we were given this movie, so we watched it! Let's talk about Fist Fight. 


Fist Fight: The movie

This one was about two teachers. Who get in a fight. It's the last day of school. Andy (Charlie Day) is English teacher. He's a typical nice guy. He doesn't have control over his class. Asks everyone things nicely. At home he has a pregnant wife and a daughter. Who both also know that he is a push over. History teacher Strickland (Ice Cube) is his opposite. Everyone is scared of him.  When all the students are trying to prank the teachers, Andy gets Strickland fired. Strickland is furious and challenges Andy to an after school fist fight. Andy totally freaks out. He's always the nice guy. He has never fought before. He tries to avoid the fights at all costs. 


The movie has all of these typical characters: 

Andy: he ultimate mister nice guy. A push over. He doesn't defend himself. People laugh at him. 

Strickland: A big and scary guy. Always acting mad. No one dares to take a stand against him. 

Holly: A female teacher who only talks about sex. 

Coach Crawford: He's the gym teacher. A bit naive. But tries to give some advice to Andy.

Principal Tyler: The typical principal who cares about money. Not te school. And definitely not the teachers.

The students: They're not even the most important thing in the movie. Basically they all just try to prank their teachers.  

Thoughts on Fist Fight

Watching the movie was amusing. But nothing more than that for me. Some of the jokes made me laugh a bit. Most didn't. The general plot was predictable and the characters too standard. The movie never really surprised me. I liked Kumail Nanjiani who plays security guy Mehar. I liked his humor. I like a bit of dry humor and his scenes usually made me laugh. 


Ice Cube and Charlie Day did well, but I think their characters were way too predictable. There was nothing unexpected, no real depth. 

 Maybe it's because I've watched Once Upon A Time a lot lately. But the emphasis was on fighting for what you want. Don't be a push over. Once Upon A Time on the other hand always tells that heroes win. But then again, maybe I'm thinking too much now. It's a comedy. It's meant to be funny.  I'm sure whether a deeper layer was intended. 


In general, my opinion is that it's a mediocre comedy. The plot is predictable and the characters are one-sided. It's fine though if you just want to watch a movie that doesn't require a lot of thinking. Just sit and relax. And if you like the jokes, it will be a nice time. 

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