Trainspotting marathon!

It had been years since I watched Trainspotting. I know I loved the movie instantly. and I had heard a while ago there would be a second Trainspotting movie. The news became even better when I saw that the main crew was returning for this second movie. How awesome is that? I was more than excited when I found out that some cinemas were doing a 'Trainspotting marathon'. Sig and I quickly decided to go and bought tickets. 

I really like movie marathons in cinemas. How about you? I just really enjoy seeing some older movies again in the cinema. But it's also nice to watch more movies in a row to really get into the story. I once went to a Saw marathon. That was of only the first 3 movies (The third one was being released at that moment). And it started at 12 o'clock at night. I loved it! It was tiring, but also great! I also watched all 3 Back to the Future movies again in the cinema two years ago. These are just a few examples. I was SO ready for the Trainspotting marathon! Sig and I went to see the marathon at Vue cinemas in Kerkrade, the Netherlands. First, we went to a restaurant called Happy Italy. After that, we went to see the Trainspotting movies. I was excited to see the first one again: it had been so long ago! 


Trainspotting Cover

For people who are not familiar with Trainspotting: meet Renton (Ewan McGregor), Spud (Ewen Bremner), Sick Boy (Johnny Lee Miller), Tommy (Kevin McKidd) and Begbie (Robert Carlyle). They're a group of friends. But they don't really have the best influence on each other. They usually go out, drink a lot of alcohol and use drugs. Mark wants out of that life and tries to get clean. He moves to London. But then Begbie needs his help and comes to London. Others follow. It's getting harder and harder for Mark to maintain his new lifestyle. 


I've always been a big fan of Trainspotting. I think the movie is great and the cast is awesome. They way the movie shows the lifestyle of the group of friends is great. But also shocking. Very shocking at times. I bet that people who have seen the movie will never forget the toilet scene. And the baby scene. These scenes really made a big impression! It's devastating to see how drugs ruin them. It's original, striking and dramatic. 


The actors

I love the actors in Trainspotting. It's such an interesting cast. And before watching it again now, I didn't realize I had seen so many of them in other movies or TV series as well. Did you know Kevin McKidd (Tommy) also plays in Greys Anatomy? Yes! He's Dr. Owen Hunt. Quite the difference isn't it? And I'm a big fan of Robert Carlyle (Begbie) who plays Rumpelstiltskin in Once Upon A Time. I wouldn't recognize him if I didn't know it. Begbie is such a different character than Rumpelstiltskin! It's amazing how Robert Carlyle is able to lay such different characters. And did you know that Ewan McGregor played Obi-Wan Kenobi in Star Wars? He will also be playing Lumiere in the new Belle and the Beast movie that will be released in 2017. And do you remember seeing Johnny Lee Miller (Sick Boy) as Jordan Chase in Dexter? 


T2 Trainspotting

Now... Let's talk about T2 Trainspotting. After seeing the first was again, I was só ready to watch T2 Trainspotting! I was very curious if the style would be the same. Without giving spoilers, let's say T2 takes off where Trainspotting ended. Just 20 years later. Mark returns to Scotland and reunites again with his old friends. It's great they made a sequel and I like it that the movie continues after 20 years. The cast is great again and I'm thrilled to see how everyone is doing. T2 is interesting, emotional and dramatic but not as shocking as Trainspotting. I can feel the same style as in the first movie and the characters are great. I still recognize the old versions of them which make the connection to part 1 strong. They also show some flashbacks. Sometimes a bit too much in my opinion. But maybe that's because I had just seen Trainspotting again. 


Trainspotting had something though that T2 doesn't have.  I thought the story of Trainspotting was more natural. I really liked that. You really followed the group and their way of living. It wasn't even just a movie about Mark getting on the right path or not. It was about all of them. Just seeing how they live and how they tried to get out. Or didn't try. This permissiveness was something I really missed in T2. There was more of a predefined story. There was more of a beginning, middle, and end. They were working towards an 'end'of the movie. Making it really 'a story'. Where Trainspotting for me merely felt as watching a part of their lives. I think T2 could have been a totally different movie as well. It has its own complete story. Though there are a lot of references to Trainspotting if course. 


My conclusion is: They succeeded in making an awesome sequel to Trainspotting. The cast is great as ever and it really feels like Trainspotting. They maintained the style and look and feel. But I feel like Trainspotting was a better movie. It was more shocking and surprising. And the story felt more genuine for me. However, I really recommend watching T2! 

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    Filipa (Sunday, 19 February 2017 15:22)

    Trainspotting is my absolute favorite movie. I love the story and I adore the characters. I can't wait to see them again in T2!

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    Rebecca at MattieDog (Sunday, 19 February 2017 16:09)

    I always find it interesting when a remake or update to movies are made - it's a brave act, particularly with a beloved film like Trainspotting. Your conveyance of the character development is right on - you forget that you are watching a movie because the characters are so believable. I'm guessing the insertion of flashbacks in T2 is to keep those who haven't seen the original engaged. I'll check it out - thanks for the review!

  • #3

    Nya (Sunday, 19 February 2017 16:52)

    I have to admit I've never watched any of the trainspotting movies, but I watched the trailer, and made me curious about it. My boyfriend also wants to check it out, so that might be something we will be watching soon :) It's interesting how you've pointed out the differences between the two movies, and how they've approached the concept differently.

  • #4

    Tescha Chetty (Sunday, 19 February 2017 19:18)

    Ive never watched this. Everybody is raving about it. I have to set some time aside and watch this. Will def let you know how it went :)

  • #5

    Irma (Sunday, 19 February 2017 20:56)

    Having in mind how popular the 'drug' topic is nowadays, seeing the Trainspotting movie would be excellent. I will see it for sure because I am interested in how Mark copes with everything that happens to him. And the "not-so-pretty" scenes are here just to remind us of how dangerous drugs are. I will have to see the Trainspotting marathon since I don't want to miss anything here.

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    Nora (Sunday, 19 February 2017 22:40)

    I've never seen Trainspotting but it sure sounds interesting. It was fun to hear that you love movie marathons. I love then too. Sometimes if I have a day of without company I just spend a day watching movies. :)

  • #7

    Stella the Travelerette (Sunday, 19 February 2017 23:52)

    I've never seen Trainspotting. But I do love movie marathons in cinemas! One of the best New Year's Days I had was spending all day in a movie theater, just going from movie to movie. (Don't worry, I paid for my tickets!)

  • #8

    Maaya Legaspi (Monday, 20 February 2017 02:55)

    Oh wow. Haven't tried movie marathons in cinema. In my country, they seldom show old movies.

    To be honest, haven't heard about this movie until now. And I think if I watch it, I will also like it. The plot sounds not your typical movie. I am curious how the T2 will give justice to the first movie.

  • #9

    theresa (Monday, 20 February 2017 05:45)

    I didn't hear about this until now. It's a great idea to have movie marathon of old movies in the cinema. We used to do this here in the country but with our own Filipino films. I hope it will be available on hollywood films as well.

  • #10

    Kylie (Tuesday, 21 February 2017 02:39)

    I used to have some friends who recommended this film to me years ago but I never watched it. I'm not a huge fan of movies but if I am honest, I do have a soft spot for UK based films. I appreciate the dark humor! ^_^

    The next rainy day, I'll suggest to my partner we watch it and the sequel. Thanks for the recommendation and thorough review!

  • #11

    Kris (Tuesday, 21 February 2017 08:17)

    I haven't checked this out yet, and as usual I always find interesting to watch from your blog. HAHa! Will go ahead and check this out too. I'll definitely watch the first one before heading to the latest movie. :)

  • #12

    lex (Tuesday, 21 February 2017 11:59)

    have not watched this before but doing a movie marathon is always a good idea as you get to flow with the story line from one to the other over and over again, good to know there are people who does this as well, i am a fan.

  • #13

    sabine (Tuesday, 21 February 2017 13:38)

    I just went to the cinema to see fifty shades darker. It was pretty interesting actually. This movie is unknown to me. I certainly can have a look, since this review makes me wonder! xo

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    Ella Ivoire (Tuesday, 21 February 2017 14:37)

    Trainspotting is an amazing film. However, I didn't find T2 to be as good. But usually am like this, because I get my hopes up and build myself a hype around it and then it's never *as good* as mind set me up to be. I agree with you on flashbacks, but again, just like you, I has just watch Trainspotting so maybe that's why. Overall that's an excellent film so worth to watch