Watching Planet Earth 2...

...and just about any other nature documentary

It´s springtime in the grasslands of Norwich and the grass is going into full bloom. High up in the longer stems there is a little tree-house. Living in this tree-house is a tiny little mouse with the cutest beady eyes. At that moment it does not matter that these are the same mice you chase with your broomstick when they are trespassing in your house. We follow the mouse jumping from one stem of grass to another one. Watching it brings you joy and the jumping little mouse brings a smile to your face…but then the camera switches to an incoming barn owl. Usually I love owls, but at this moment the owl is the archenemy. My smile turns into a slightly worried grin. The cute little mouse is still jumping through the grass and enjoying his lunch. And then all of a sudden my mood changes. The owl has spotted the mouse high up in the grass stems and disaster seems inevitable. Nervously I slide to the edge of my seat. I start talking to the mouse: “Be careful little guy, you’re in danger…” The owl closes in and finally the mouse spots him. The hunt starts and the music builds up the suspense. From this moment on the talking turns into screaming: “Come on little mouse run! Run! Don’t let that scumbag get you!” I start sweating and I find myself mimicking the mouse's maneuvers. Miraculously the little mouse avoids the attack and gets back into his tree-house in one piece. The smile comes back to my face and I’m cheering my ass off. “Miracles do exist!” In my head Louis Armstrong starts singing “It’s a wonderful World”. 

Five minutes go by and I calmed down a bit. Winter has come and the camera zooms in on red fox in Yellowstone Park. The Fox is hungry and searching for food. Instantly I start getting worked up again and I start rooting for the fox. He has to listen carefully to hear if there is a rodent under the snow and then he has to dive in the snow, nose first. I slide back to the edge of the seat again and hear myself say: “Come on mate…do it…catch that stupid mouse…”

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    Erin (Tuesday, 21 February 2017 12:47)

    Haha, this was great! The only clip I've seen of Planet Earth 2 was the one going viral with the lizards and the snakes, and it had me screaming at the screen too. I'd love to see the whole documentary though :-).