Tip of the week: Freaks and Geeks

This is a series about high school. But not just the typical series.. It's not about the popular kids. Nope, this series focuses on other kids in high school. It's 1980/ 1981 and it's all about Lindsey and her brother Sam. Lindsey is high school mathlete who decides to hang out with other people at school: The "freaks". He brother is a freshman and he and his "geeky" friends try to survive the first year of high school. 

How about the actors?

I started to watch this series on Netflix not so long ago. I actually thought this was something new and not a series that aired in 1999. (Though I wish I had seen this was I was in high school!). I recognized a lot of actors. And I was amazing by the cast. So many actors that are quite well known. I wondered why to chose to do that. (It is a great cast though!). But it's the contrary: This series already aired in 1999 and it was actually the launch of the careers of many young actors. I know them know, but mainly for their work after this series. 


I really like the actors and actresses in Freaks and Geeks! The characters are really likable and relatable. I bet you'll know some of the actors. Lindsay is played by Linda Cardellini and John Francis Daley plays the role of her brother Sam. I mainly know a lot of Lindsey's friends, the "Freaks". Her group of friends consists of Daniel (James Franco), Ken (Seth Rogen), Kim (Busy Philipps) and Nick (Jason Segel). I've seen all of them in some other movies/ series as well. 

James Franco: Spiderman (Harry Osborn), Pineapple Express (Saul Silver)

Seth Rogen: Bad Neighbors (Mac Radner), the 40 Year Old Vigin (Cal), Knockd up (Ben)

Busy Philipps: Dawson's Creek (Audrey Liddell), He's Just Not That Into You (Kelli Ann)

Jason Segel: Knocked up (Jason), Bad Teacher (Russel)


And of course there's more. 

I also really liked Lindsey and Sam's parents. They were played by Becky Ann Baker and Joe Flaherty. I think Becky Ann is the best. I really love her in this series. She plays an amazing mom! I don't recognize her from anything else. But I will definitely watch some more movies or series she plays in. You might know her for Man In Black (Mrs. Redgick), Spider Man 3 (Mrs Stacy) or A Simple Plan (Nancy Chambers). I'm sure I've seen Joe Flaherty before! I've just been wondering the whole time for what. I looked it up and it's Ploice Academy: The Series! Of course!!! Oh how cool is that! Now I want to write about Police Academy as well :).  

Who will like this?

I 'invented' this question myself and I always find it very hard to answer haha. It's hard to decide which people will or will not like it. 

It's a comedy/ drama series. I'm generally not a lover of comedy. But I do love the jokes in this series. I find it very fun to watch. It's all about these kids who are discovering who they are. They try out things, make friends, have a crush, argue with their parents. I think this series does a great job in portraying high school life from another angle. The jokes are spot on. And the manage to look beyond stereo types (Even though the title is freaks and geeks hahaha). It's interesting and funny with a great cast. 

How many seasons?

There was only 1 season (1999-2000)

My opinion

I had so much fun watching this series! I really recommend it. Like I said before in this article, it's not the usual high school series. I really like the characters and the way the show deals with stereotypes (look beyond your first impression). It's just great. You learn that there's always more to it. People are not just one thing. The jokes are awesome. I think Lindsey and Sam's parents are absolutely great. Without them the show wouldn't be the same. Their dad is so funny, I always have to laugh when he's in a scene. And their mom is just awesome. She's a real example. She should play every good mom on TV haha. I love her. It's just one season (I can't understand why they cancelled the show). But so much happens in this on season! (Spoilers ahead as from here!) I love the moment where the 'geeks' visit a sci-fi convention. And a more popular boy also wants to join. But he just feels like he can't.. Not being the person he is at school. Even though he really wants to. It's such an example of how they are all struggling with who they are. And I also love the moment that Sam realizes that the cheerleader girl he has a huge crush on, actually has nothing in common with him. But that on the other hand, one of his friends, does find a common ground with one of the cheerleaders. They both didn't even want to talk to each other. But end of learning about each other's perspective. Th movie is packed with lessons and scenes like this. And no, it doesn't feel  too much. Not for me. I love the subtlety and the characters. It's just fun!  


Imdb: 8,9

Mine: 9

Who's your favorite? What's your favorite series? Have been addicted to a series? What series (or genres) would you like to see in our "Series Tip of the Week"? 

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Comments: 11
  • #1

    Jasmin N (Saturday, 07 January 2017 10:26)

    This sounds like an interesting watch! Might need to look it up. Lately, I've been super obsessed to White Collar. I watched all 6 seasons in one week (haha, like I had a life or something) and it was soo freaking good!

  • #2

    Imaobong (Saturday, 07 January 2017 10:50)

    Sounds pretty interesting to me!
    Fav series always and forever would probably be Pretty Little Liars, I never get tired of it even though I'm hardly ever into series :-)

  • #3

    Vicky (Saturday, 07 January 2017 14:46)

    Glad you enjoyed it. I don't use Netflix, but I love the soap Hollyoaks, does that count? lol. Thanks for sharing and Happy New Year

  • #4

    blair villanueva (Saturday, 07 January 2017 21:43)

    oh Freaks and Geeks seems a nice series. I wish that there could be more series like this nowadays, and not all the high school bitching and other dramas. Time to make geeks on top 1.

  • #5

    Emily (Saturday, 07 January 2017 21:43)

    Sounds like you had so much fun watching this! I always love shows that go against the norm of usual stereotypes at school, it makes a change! I might give this a watch as i love anything with Seth Rogen in it! Thanks for sharing

  • #6

    Nya (Sunday, 08 January 2017 00:16)

    I've watched this series a few years ago (completely binge watched it), and was SO SAD that it was only 1 season. I was really excited to watch James Franco and Jason Segel there. I think it's a shame they don't seem to do this type of 'high school' series anymore, I find most of them nowadays are a bit more difficult to relate to.

  • #7

    Eugenia (Sunday, 08 January 2017 12:48)

    Looks like a very interesting tv series with a great unusual plot and amazing actors! (love James Franco) It’s really amazing that they managed to show the high school life from another angle! As for me I’m currently watching Sherlock with Benedict Cumberbatch and I’m so excited to see the new episode tonight!

  • #8

    Ree love30 (Sunday, 08 January 2017 14:54)

    Well if James Franco is in it, I'm watching it! For some reason I've developed a huge thing for him in the last couple of weeks. I can't remember why! ! Haha. And I love seth rogan. Imbd score of 8.9 is brilliant! I wonder why they didn't continue the series? I'm going to check it out! Hello James :) Ree love30

  • #9

    Andre (Thursday, 12 January 2017 18:27)

    Although for my taste, this series is a bit old, I will certainly give it a try. Freaks and Geeks seam like an interesting series, which is great to watch after a long day of work. In general, I love Netflix, but only during winter. During summer I rather go out and do something outside! :)

  • #10

    Carmen (Friday, 13 January 2017 11:53)

    You know, I loved the idea of this, and the main actors so much, but when I tried to watch it I just couldn't get hooked. Though this post has made me think I gave up too soon!

  • #11

    MK (Friday, 20 January 2017 23:12)

    Nostalgia central right here. If you follow Judd Apatow, its not too hard to imagine his other productions being continuations of what happened with some of the characters in Freaks and Geeks. Undeclared is another 1 season series that might fill the longing for a second season of F&G.