Special "ITS" on The Walking Dead's season 7 premiere

First of all: there are a LOT of SPOILERS ahead, so if you still haven't seen the season 7 premiere of "The Walking Dead": Get the hell out of here and go watch it....then COME BACK!

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Spoilers! Last warning!

Well that was one hell of an episode huh?


Sunday night 3.15 a.m. The alarm on my phone starts ringing. Time to get up. FOX NL decided to air the season premiere of “The Walking Dead” almost simultaneously with the U.S. Since I have Monday off I am ready to lose some sleep. After 6 long months of waiting we will finally know: Who is it? I think it’s useless to have a long talk about everything that happened in the episode, because let’s be honest if you’re reading this you’ve seen the episode. After months of speculation we finally know who Lucille’s victims are? Victims? Plural? Yup…Lucille wanted blood and she got it (loved Negan’s joke about the vampire bat btw lol). 

We've been waiting for months now to see who would be the victim! Months of speculation and theories! The worst part was: i couldn't watch it immediately! Watching Sunday night 3.15 a.m. wasn't an option. I had to work on Monday. If I'd watch it I'd be a walker on Monday morning myself and walker are generally not appreciated there haha. And to make it even worse: After work I couldn't watch either! I was going out for dinner with a friend + Sig had a late night shift and we would watch it together. We could finally watch it on Tuesday night 9.30 p.m. I already read all the spoilers (I always do, I just like that). Sig didn't know anything yet. 

After his unbearably long version of “Eeny meeny” Negan chose Abraham (Michael Cudlitz) to be at the receiving end of Lucille. After the first hit Abraham still sits up and he is even able to talk. Just three words come out of his mouth: “Suck my nuts”. Well that is why I loved the character of Abraham and that’s why Abraham grew up to be a fan favorite in a relatively short time. He is the character behind great one-liners and catchphrases like: “Motherdick”, “I don’t give a monkey’s left nut”, “Good Gracious Ignatius”, “What the Bitch?”,” What it indicates is we are neck-deep up shit creek with our mouths wide open”, “You know how to bite a dick, Eugene and I mean that with the utmost respect!” and “Who’s Deana?”  Sgt. Abraham Ford makes his first appearance in Season 4 of AMC’s “The Walking Dead. Abraham is a former Army Sergeant and has some anger issues. We first encounter him, while travelling through the country with his girlfriend Rosita (Christian Serratos) and Dr. Eugene Porter (Josh McDermitt). They are on their way to Washington DC, because of the fact that Eugene is a scientist, who has a cure for the outbreak. This turns out to be a lot of poppycock; Eugene is a science teacher, with no survival skills at all, so he depends on Abraham and Rosita to stay alive. With this knowledge there is no reason to go to DC and the trio decides to stay with Rick and the group. In time Abraham gains a lot of respect for Rick and he turns into one of Rick’s trusted right hand men. Abraham is portrayed by Michael Cudlitz. We met him at Dutch Comic Con 2015, so check out our article about that. Besides for the role of Abraham, Cudlitz is mostly known for his role as Bull Randleman in the critically acclaimed miniseries “Band of Brothers”. He also played the role of Officer John Cooper in “Southland” and Frank Rogers in “Standoff”. 

Abraham was one of my favorite characters (the other one is Carol). I'm so sad they killed him off! I think he was great. I loved Abraham since the very first moment I saw him in the Walking Dead. I think was a great addition to the group and very unique. I will miss him a lot in the Walking Dead! 

On to victim number two:

As Negan taunts Rosita with Abraham’s death, Darryl loses it and attacks Negan. Well that was not very smart. As retaliation for Darryl insubordination, Negan picks another victim for Lucille. And then the moment (that a lot of fans have feared for a big part of season 6) comes: Negan choses Glenn. Noooo! Glenn Rhee is, or should I say was, one of the big fan favorites. As I mentioned in another article: What is not to like about Glenn? He is kind, reliable, caring and bright. We first meet Glenn in episode 2 of the first season (well to be exact his voice is heard at the end of episode one; “Hey you. Dumbass. Yeah, you in the tank. Cozy in there?”) Glenn was a pizza delivery boy before the apocalypse and has turned into the supply runner for the Atlanta group of survivors.  He is a valuable part of the group and stay that way until his death. He quickly evolves into one of the leaders of the pack and Rick’s right hand man. When the group is staying at the Greene Farm, Glenn falls in love with Hershel’s daughter Maggie. At first Maggie holds him off, but eventually they become a couple. At the time of Glenn’s death, Maggie is pregnant of their unborn child. Glenn has survived a lot of tight situations in the last few seasons of the show (Remember the dumpster scene?). And although a lot of fans feared, but also expected him to get his “comic book death”, it still was a shock to a lot of people. Glenn’s death scene was pretty gruesome and especially his last words to Maggie (“I’ll find you”) made a lot of fans very sad. Glenn is portrayed by Steven Yuen, a Korean actor. He grew up in the US, after his family moved there. Steven has got a bachelor’s degree in Psychology (with a concentration in neuro science) and he started acting when he was studying at Kalamazoo College in Michigan. He joined the improve group Monkapult, during his sophomore year. He later joined “The Second City” (improve comedy group) in Chicago, before moving to Los Angeles to pursue an acting career. Not long after his move he got a small role in “The Big Bang Theory” and later “The Walking Dead”. And the rest is history.


I thought it was a great episode. And what a brilliant performance of Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Negan. He truly is a bad guy and after just a few minutes you already hate his guts. I think he is a great addition to the show and I’m looking forward to the evolvement of Negan's character. I like the way the show focuses on the complete despair of the group and especially Rick, who became more and more arrogant throughout season 6. I think it’s a shame that we lost Abraham and Glenn, because they were great characters. On the other hand I am glad that the show seems to be getting back to their initial “No one is safe” principle. I am very curious how the show will evolve in season 7, now that the walkers do not seem to be the biggest threat anymore.


I liked the episode as well. Even though I thought it was a pity that it was a real hype. It was obvious that someone would get killed (okay, 2 was a surprise). I'm sad that Abraham died. But on the other hand, I'm glad this well known Negan kill is 'out of the way'. Now I feel like there's more room for surprises and suspense again. I'm not really sure about the 'No one is safe' principle though. I think only killing off Maggie & Daryl would have convinced me of that. (Or Rick of course). But curious for the next episodes! 


What did you think about this episode and what is your favorite Glenn/Abraham moment? Let us know in the comments!

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  • #1

    seema (Thursday, 27 October 2016 19:33)

    Wow! Loved reading this..will definitely start watching the walking dead :) on my list..

    Will look forward to more..thank you for such good info

  • #2

    ChardyBaldyosa (Friday, 28 October 2016 01:16)

    I loved tge premiere! It was everything I wanted walking dead to be! It was scary and gruesome and none of my family and friends could handle how terrifying it was when rick was retrieving negan's new axe. I loved every part of it and I like how you depicted every event. I never knew glenn was in BBT. I'm going to stalk him now! Cheers

  • #3

    Ree love30 (Friday, 28 October 2016 13:22)

    Glenn finally got the chop!!! OMG I don't have fox so all my friends were watching it Monday night and utility was killing me! ! I managed to watch it Tuesday too and it was so grim! I had to look away on many occasions but still hearing the bat hit the body for what seemed liked forever. That going to haunt me! Great first episode and I can't wait for the next one! I'm so happy it's back in my life

  • #4

    Clare (Friday, 28 October 2016 19:54)

    I was so depressed after watching up, and I kept having to pause it because it was so gruesome!! Great acting though and I am devastated Glenn died :-(

  • #5

    Vibeke (Friday, 28 October 2016 20:37)

    I thought it was a good episode. A little brutal, but I have heard it is more like that in the comics :D

  • #6

    Retlyn Ereca Ceballos (Saturday, 29 October 2016 12:45)

    Enjoyed reading this post. Never watched any episode of The Walking Dead & every time there's a new episode my friends are so noisy in my FB newsfeed #fangirls. Srsly I can't relate hahaha. And I guess because of those good feedbacks, I must start watching TWD asap! hihi

  • #7

    lex (Sunday, 30 October 2016 11:50)

    Havent really watched the walking dead but this will make me want to, my only problem is a few images from the movie which are hard to get over.

  • #8

    Stella (Wednesday, 02 November 2016 19:45)

    I could hardly wait for the new season. I knew it would be a sad episode but I was definitely not prepared for the gruesomeness. My stomach was churning the whole time. The group looks so defeated and I can't wait to see how Rick will revive it this time round.