In the spotlight: Claire Holt!

It's that day of the week again.. It's time for another 'In the spotlight'! Let me introduce to you... Claire Holt!! Earlier on,  I already told you about my addiction to the Vampire Diaries.  It was unexpected but I loved the series.  Well,  that's where I saw Claire Holt for the first time! 


The Vampire Diaries is all about Vampires!  It all starts with Elena.  Then Stefan and Damon Salvatore come to live in Mystic Falls.  She falls in love with Stefan.  Buth both Stefan and Damon are vampires. And that's where the trouble starts! 

Clair plays 'Original'  vampire Rebekah in the Vampire Diaries.  The Originals (Original vampires)  are the first of their bloodlines and the first generation of vampires.  They're very very powerful and almost impossible to kill.  

I really loved Claire in the Vampire Diaries.  So I was really happy that there's also a spinoff series: the Originals.  Since Rebekah is an Original vampire,  I would see her again in this series.  This series concentrates more on the Originals family.  Less love story,  more action. It's still a lot about family ties though. 

Rebekah is the only female Original. At first she seems quite vicious (and she can be!),  though there's just one thing Rebekah really wants : Love (and a normal life). But don't be mistaken: She's badass.  It's not only cheesieness ;).  

Now, more about Claire!  She is an Australian actress.  She has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do,  has a special whistle and she's good at juggling!  Interesting list right? She's also best friends with Originals co star Phoebe Tonkin.  (They both played in the Originals,  The Vampire Diaries and H2O: Just Add Water. 


Claire is actually best known for her roles in H2O: Just Add Water (as Emma)  and Mean Girls (as Chastity Meyer).  She also played in a few episodes of  Pretty Little Liars (as Samara Cook).  You can also see her now in  the TV series Aquarius (as Charmain Tully).  Anyone here familiar with either Aquarius or H2O: Just Add Water? Should I watch? Have you heard of Claire before?  

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    Sumita (Thursday, 22 September 2016 12:36)

    I am a tvd fan too! I have always loved Clair be it tvd, the originals or pretty little liars!

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    Laveena Sengar (Friday, 23 September 2016 08:37)

    This is my l time favourite show. I think I cannot wait for Elena to be back on the show. I haven't missed a single episode of it yet and don't intend to :)

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    Tina von S (Friday, 23 September 2016 13:00)

    I recently started watching the vampire diaries and I don't know exactly how I feel about. But yeah, she is so pretty and pretty great in my opinion.
    Tina von S |

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    Jen (Sunday, 25 September 2016 06:06)

    I love Claire too, and I'm an avid fan of The Originals and Vampire Diaries. I'm not sure if you watched up to the latest episode of The Originals, if not don't read my next comment for it's a spoiler but if yes go ahead and read it: I was really sad when the actress who played Rebekah was changed. I love her in that role, but still at least she still shows up once in awhile. I hope to get to see her on films too. -- Jen

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    Eugenia (Sunday, 25 September 2016 21:17)

    Sounds like a very interesting show! Thanks to your amazing review I definitely start watching it!

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    Bea (Monday, 26 September 2016 09:43)

    I used to love The Vampire Diaries and I love the original vampires- Rebekah and Klaus! I'm also watching PLL and it's actually weird to see Rebekah there. haha! I don't know but I really got attached to the characters that seeing them in other series made it weird to me. haha! But she is really hot and beautiful so she really deserve the spotlight.

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    Tina (Monday, 26 September 2016 17:52)

    First of all let me say that I am a huge addict to the vampire diaries and the originals!

    It's so annoying that Claire isn't a part of a lot of episodes in the originals! Love her too!

    Thanks for sharing!

    Love , Tina

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    Sandra (Wednesday, 28 September 2016 23:13)

    OMG I love the vampire diaries and the originals. I need to catch up! Claire is beautiful and indeed a badass, but she has a small heart. I didn't know that she has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do.