Meeting Natalia Tena!

On Sunday, Liv and I walked around at Amsterdam Comic Con and soon we noticed Natalia Tena!  Natalia attended Amsterdam Comic Con only on Sunday. She was sitting at her signing table in a bright red dress with white dots with matching sunglasses. She was very happy and it seemed like she loved to be there. I was glad Natalia was attending Amsterdam Comic Con. Even though she had no Q&A scheduled (Just signing and photo op). Natalia Tena is best known for her roles in the "Harry Potter" movies (Nymphadora Tonks) and for "Game of Thrones" (Osha). I know her for playing Osha. What a difference! Osha isn't exactly the most bright and colorful character. I almost wouldn't recognize Natalia Tena. It was surprising to see the person behind Osha. She's a great actress. Her expressions, way of moving and talking are very different from Osha. So now I can really see the work she put into that character.  I am a huge fan of Harry Potter and Game of Thrones so I was very happy when Natalia was announced to be attending ACC. In the Harry Potter franchise Natalia plays the role of Nymphadora Tonks, or just Tonks (she hates her first name). She is an auror and a member of The Order of the Phoenix. She is also a Metamorphmagus (a witch or magician that can change his or her looks when necessary or wanted). As a result of this, Tonks is constantly changing her hairdo. She likes it bubblegum pink and no one knows her real haircolour..Tonks makes her first appearnace in "Harry Potter and The Order of the Phoenix (2007, the fifth part of the franchise). I instantly liked Tonks, she is kind of rebellious, smart, independent, strong and  very loyal.

Needless to say I was delighted to see Natalia in her role of Osha in "Game of Thrones".

Q&A Natalia Tena

Liv and decided to attend Devon Murray's Q&A. I have read and watched all the Harry Potter books and movies, so I really didnt want to miss this one. I always like to see Q&A's so I came along. We were there in time and then Devon Murray arrived. And also... Natalia Tena! Yeayyy! The schedule said it was just a Devon Murray Q&A. But Natalia Tena joined. The Q&A was turned into a "Harry Potter" panel! Now I was extra happy that we decided to see the Q&A. Well, how should I describe our impression of Natalia.. Haha. I'd say: Very, very active and enthusiastic. It was quite hard to make a good photo haha. She was very expressive and moving all the time. She is very energetic and it was great to see the contrast with Devon Murray. He was very calm and relaxed.

There were a lot of Harry Potter questions and that was great for me, but for Carola it was very incomprehensable I think.  


Let me give you some Fun Facts, Natalia talked about:


- If she could be any other character in the "Harry Potter" movies she would be Bellatrix.


- Her patronus (a spirit guardian) would be a goat or an otter. (Tonks patronus changed from a jack rabbit to a (were)wolf).


- Her favourite "Harry Potter" movie is the first one "Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone).


- Her favourite subject at Hogwarts would be either "Tessomancy"(the art of reading tealeaves)  or "Defence against Dark Arts". 


- When she first read the script, she thought it was pretty weird, but after the first premiere she got that it was a big thing.


- if she could change anything about her role as Nymphadora, she says she would change everything. She would do it "the same, but better."


- She has read the "Harry Potter" books, but she says she forgot everything. But she recently got them all. When it comes to Christmas she says she will sit on her new boat, in front of the fire, with a bottle of wine and she will read them all. She called this her mission.


- She wanted to steal her wand from the set and someone said she should just take it, but she felt too guilty about that (so she didn't). However when she does get something from a set, it's mostly her pants and socks. She says she can't remember the last time she bought socks.


- When asked what was her favourite animal in the franchise, she asked if the eating boo counts as an animal, because she thinks it is pretty cool. When the interviewer said that it didn't, she answered that she would love to be a mermaid.


- She has her own band, called "Molotov Jukebox".. The music is a mix of salsa and balkan sounds (and it sounds great). She just wants to make people happy and dance. Natalia sings and plays the accordeon. Check it out!


- Natalia is of Spanish decent.



For me the Q&A was fun just to watch. Natalia has energy for 10 people! Right then and there we decided we needed to have a photo op with her haha. That would be fun. And it would be great to meet her. So we went to get a ticket and everything went smoothly.  

Photo op Natalia Tena

We  queued for the photo and it all went quite quickly. Soon we were in the photo op room and could see the picture being taken. Again she proved to have energy for the whole world! Jumping around and looking happy. It's hard to describe but she's very energtic and doesn't stand still haha. Well, a moment for the picture to be taken. And she thanked every single person after taking the photo. I really liked doing the photo op and she is very kind and sweet.  Indeed haha watching the other photo ops from the queue was great. There was a lot of liveliness in the room and that made me smile the whole time.


We saw her again after her 'Harry Potter' photoshoot (the shoot together with Devon Murray). She was obviously in a hurry (I think to catch her plane).  It was almost the end of the convention and she really needed to go. But: She didn't ignore a single fan. There were people waiting for her to sign something and she signed it for all of them! She didn't leave until she was done. And then when she was ready to leave, she seemed to have forgotten something. She ran back to the photo op room and when she came back we saw what she ran back for. She forgot her sunglasses, lol.


Amsterdam Comic Con was very lucky to have her as a guest. She was absolutely awesome to all of her fans. She's so spontaneous. Make sure to visit her if you ever see her at a convention! I really hope to see her again on a convention some time soon, i would have loved to have a talk with her. She is an interesting and talented woman. Also I hope to see her in another role on a small or big screen (or on a stage) in the near future. 



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  • #1

    Lesley-Anne (Sunday, 04 September 2016 19:48)

    I love your posts. I was just thinking I wanted to check out her music, then I noticed your link. Thank you :)

  • #2

    ROBERT LEE (Sunday, 04 September 2016 22:12)

    Hey, this is so great. Admittedly, I have not seen both Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. Even so, I liked what you shared about what she had answered on the Q&A. She seems to be so nice and yes, she should have taken the wand! Great photo ops with star!

  • #3

    Berlin (Monday, 05 September 2016 01:20)

    Ow! I recognized her now as her eyes are the same expressive ones I have seen at the Harry Potter movie. Honestly, i haven't seen any Game of the Thrones so I am clueless. I love the question and answer portion and love it more that at the end of the session is an opportunity to have your photos taken together. It is such a memorable experience, and if I were in your shoes, I must have been recalling the whole experience on my mind every night before I sleep. Ihihi

  • #4

    Charm Gamboa (Monday, 05 September 2016 01:42)

    TBH, I am not familiar with her. But your post gave me a lot of information about her and The shows Harry Potter and Game of Thrones. I became more curious about them and started reading more articles related to her and the shows.

  • #5

    Sydney Fashion Hunter (Monday, 05 September 2016 02:56)

    I have heard lost about comocon's but have never attended one. Sounds like you had a great day. It must have been very cool to meet Natalia up close and personal. Great q&a as well!

  • #6

    Kimberly C (Monday, 05 September 2016 08:00)

    The gek. Wow a surprise like this is always great. She sounds like she was very energetic and nice. She looks like a nice person from the photos. Meeting someone and seeing that they are actually nice always leaves a good impression. Great experience.

  • #7

    Dominic (Monday, 05 September 2016 18:38)

    How Cool! So she's Nymphadora aka Tonks of Harry Potter. I was thinking why she looked so familiar. I really love that movie HP & the order of the phoenix. When I read the book, it felt like it was the only book that was packed with action and magic. It's also nice to read some answers from Natalia from the Q&A. She does look fit for Bellatrix.

  • #8

    Ruxandra (Monday, 05 September 2016 19:29)

    Glad to see you had fun at the convention! She looks like a great person to hang out with!

  • #9

    Nya (Monday, 05 September 2016 19:41)

    Omg even just seeing the pictures I can see how she looks so different from her character Osha. I love her work on GoT! So jealous that you had a chance to see her in person:)

  • #10

    Me-An Clemente (Monday, 05 September 2016 19:44)

    Finally, someone I know. Well, I don't know her name, but I know the character she portrays in Game of Thrones. Too bad most of the questions were concentrated on her role in Harry Potter. Anyway, she is so down to earth that she forgets her sunglasses to accommodate her fans. I'm glad for you that you get to meet her.

  • #11

    Vineet (Monday, 05 September 2016 20:22)

    LOL, just came to know about her from your post. She is such popular figure and I never heard about her. Probably, I am keeping myself too busy with Blogging :P

    She played Nymphadora Tonks in the Harry Potter film series and I watched probably first 3 parts of the series. Anyways, seems you had good time :))

  • #12

    Hang Around The World (Monday, 05 September 2016 22:22)

    This post is so great. I didn't know her before I read your article. Good to know!

  • #13

    grace (Tuesday, 06 September 2016 04:13)

    I haven't seen Game of Thrones and I only watched parts 1 & 2 of Harry Potter. She's beautiful and down to earth! I can see you've enjoyed a lot! Nice for you :)

  • #14

    Jon (Tuesday, 06 September 2016 04:13)

    I have no idea who she is (sorry) but I think she looks really sexy - I think it's the tousled hair that does it for me! I'm just enjoying the pictures on this one. :D

  • #15

    Maaya Legaspi (Tuesday, 06 September 2016 04:53)

    You're so lucky to have a picture with her!! I couldn't see a resemblance or her and Osha. Her character in GoT is very different from her in real life. She looks enthusiastic and full of life.

  • #16

    blair villanueva (Tuesday, 06 September 2016 05:33)

    Oh my, It's Osha Natalia Tena! I love her character in Game of Thrones, and she looks so different. I also inspired with her polka dot dress - so beachy!

  • #17

    Savita (Tuesday, 06 September 2016 07:23)

    I really don't know about her before read your post. This post is so great. Good to know!

  • #18

    Laveena Sengar (Tuesday, 06 September 2016 11:46)

    Oh my! That's pretty cool. I loved her in game of thrones. I love her dress.

  • #19

    Queen B's diary (Tuesday, 06 September 2016 17:02)

    I had no idea who's she before I read this. I love reading and "meeting" new people! And, I think it's finally time for me to watch GOT! She's really gorgeous!

  • #20

    Kati Balayan (Tuesday, 06 September 2016 20:54)

    I was just reading a Buzzfeed post of her and other Harry Potter characters the other day! Being a fan of the Harry Potter franchise, Tonks for me is one of the coolest witches, with her distinctive hair. So you can just imagine the fan girl in me, when I saw her in GOT (another favorite!). You are so lucky to have met her :)

  • #21

    kylie cre8tone (Wednesday, 07 September 2016 05:31)

    First time see Natalia Tena.. Know her better after reading your post.. Great one!

  • #22

    Joanna (Wednesday, 07 September 2016 13:21)

    That's a new way of spending Christmas, in front of a fire, reading the Harry Potter books. I find it quite funny that she forgot all about the action in them, when she was an actual actress in the series, haha.

  • #23

    Gabrielle Crystal RoseBonniee ~ (Thursday, 08 September 2016 19:50)

    Yeeey, she looks so young and pretty! I just love her style of clothing in those pictures! ♡