The Purge: Election Year

I love the concept of the purge! I've seen the first two movies. I liked the first one the most. Besides seeing the movies, I went to Halloween Horror Nights in Universal Studios Orlando in 2014. You might wonder: What is Halloween Horror Nights? Well, it's annual event in Universal Studios in Orlando, Los Angeles, Japan and Singapore. At night: The themepark is turned into a Halloween themepark. There are several scare zones, haunted houses and live entertainment. And I can tell you: it's pretty scary. And that's why I love it. The scare zones & haunted houses all have their own (movie) theme. One of the scare zones was based on the Purge. We walked around there. And I got a sense of how it feels like to be actually scared just to walk on the street. I was very suspicious. Feeling like anyone could go and chase me at any moment. On this picture you see one the employees of the park that would scare people. I dared to make a photo and Sig payed the price: He was chased with the chainsaw. I loved this evening at Universal and it brought me closer to the movies of the Purge. So I was really excited to hear that there would be a third movie. As soon as possible we went to see the movie in the cinema. 

For the people who are not familiar with the concept of the Purge: 'The Purge' is the movies an annual American tradition. For 12 hours all crime is legal. Everything. Even murder. Excluded from the Purge are government officials (as from a certain ranking). And you cannot use weapens above class 4 (For example rocket launchers). You might wonder: Why would someone intiate this? Why start a tradition like the Purge? Well the reason is: unemployment rates going down, lower crime rate (everyone waits until the Purge) and a strong economy. 

This third movie focusses on election year. Roan (a senator) is running for presidency. She is against the Purge. If she'd be elected, she would abolish the Purge forever. Her opponent, Minister Edwidge Owens, (a member of the New Fouding Fathers of America) doesn't want that to happen. He will do anything to stop her from winning. Before the elections, there's another Purge. They decide to revoke the immunity of government officials. Which means Roan isn't protected by the law anymore. During the Purge anyone can come after her.. What follows is a battle for the presidency: Not just a political battle. During the Purge, everything is allowed. How will Roan handle this? Can she stay true to her ideals? Or will she have to give these up to survive the Purge? 
Roan is played by Elizabeth Mitchell. I had to think for a moment: Where do I know her from? And then I realised: She played Rachel Matheson in Revolution! Some of you might know her as Juliet Burke in Lost. I actually loved almost the whole cast. The were a lot of actors I hadn't heard of before this movie. But I was impressed. The only role that was a bit too much was of the 'schoolgirl' (played by Brittany Mirabile) who wanted to rob a store for a candybar. It was just too much... But I was impressed by Mykelti Williamson, Joseph Julian Soria and Betty Gabriel. In some scenes, Bette Gabriel reminded me of Sacha (played by Sonequa Martin Green) during her darkest periods in The Walking Dead.

I liked watching the movie. the story was interesting and well developed. Though the 'bigger story' might sound quite predictable, there are many elements which are not. The movie surprised me with twists and turns. And there were some great frights in it. I liked the movie better than the second part. 

I think the Purge stays an interesting subject. I'd like to another movie more focused on some 'normal' people. See how they deal with it.
What do you think about this concept (for a movie)? Let us know!

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    ROBERT LEE (Friday, 22 July 2016 14:24)

    Interesting concept but crime is legal for 12 hours? I am not so sure if this is something I would want to watch. I am pretty sure though, that you had a good time watching it! Just goes to show, every movie will always appeal to a certain niche.

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    Karlaroundtheworld | Karla (Friday, 22 July 2016 17:45)

    I believe I've watched the movie with the same title before. My imagination was running wild but I can't help but see the apparent cons of having an event take place. I believe it's the risk that makes it tempting and inviting. I'd enjoy it through fiction, though in real life I support practicality and realism to take place first.

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    sabine (Saturday, 23 July 2016 01:39)

    Wow, that looks scary. I don't think I would go in there. Even knowing it's fake, I think I would still be so scared. Strange fact how our eyes can make the mind believe fear.

  • #4

    Teresa (Saturday, 23 July 2016 03:36)

    That's scary. I think 12 hours is too long. I think even an hour is will be the victim of a crime that will be done during the purge. Like Sabine, most likely, I will not enter that area even if it's just a set-up.

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    theresa (Saturday, 23 July 2016 18:01)

    Where on Earth is crime legal? That must be really scary to death! I would really lock myself up in the house for that span of time. It would be painful to wait for 12 hrs for this incident. Be it not happen in real life please.

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    Zwitsy (Saturday, 23 July 2016 18:55)

    I have watched the first and second movies but haven't finished the latter, I guess. I find your synopsis interesting. I would definitely be watching this. It sounds pretty interesting.

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    Nica (Sunday, 24 July 2016 02:41)

    I think the concept does makes sense though the "crime" part for me is not quite right. Maybe because I'm afraid of chaos or something related to blood or things that may harm other people's lives.

  • #8

    Princess Mikee (Sunday, 24 July 2016 12:44)

    I have watched the movie. I don't know how to react on this but I would want to try out the Horror Nights Festival you are referring to. I was scarely fun for sure! LOL

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    Joanna (Sunday, 24 July 2016 21:23)

    I didn't hear about this movie before and I didn't know that the universal studios are having a Horror Nights festival every year. I think the subject of this movie is very dark though... you can break any law for 12 hours? The world would be destroyed by hour 1, haha

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    Dominic (Monday, 25 July 2016 08:30)

    Basing on your summary of the purge, the movie sounds really interesting. Makes me wonder how (The Purge) it still exists after 2 movies. Why were people still clamoring for it given that it's a really dangerous tradition?

    I'm reminded of the movie Hunger Games after reading about the plot.

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    sam (Tuesday, 26 July 2016 20:09)

    I've known The Purge since before, but I haven't seen the movies. It would make for a good study in sociology if it really happened. Strangely, after Philippine elections and now with du30 it seems there's an actual the Purge here!

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    Bernadette Angelie Pangilinan (Wednesday, 27 July 2016 16:34)

    I've watched this two weeks ago with my boyfriend and I'm on the edge of my seat the whole time! This is the first The Purge movie that I've watched so as soon as I got home, my boyfriend and I went to Netflix so we can watch the first movie. The ending of this movie just made me sad, I hate when nice characters die. :(

  • #13

    Mia Foo (Tuesday, 02 August 2016 18:05)

    i've watched the previous movie in the purge series and found it too far fetched (the one with the cop planning to kill the other guy during the 12 hr purge). but sure enough, it just kept you on the edge of the seat as there's so much actions throughout the whole movie! i've watched trailer for election year and i felt they've turned up a notch for the level of the 'sick-mindedness' of those who choose to hunt victims in the 12 hrs of purge.

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    Master Ryo (Tuesday, 23 August 2016 19:15)

    Just like you mate, I liked the maiden movie the most too. However, this movie gives me some Ohhs and nahh moments.
    But over all the movie is very entertaining and full of suspense. I think ill have another late night movie later with this one on the lead in my playlist. XD