ArcCon day 1 recap

We're at ArcCon this weekend!  Of course we will write about our experiences in detail,  but here's also a small recap of day 1! The photos aren't the best quality.  I made these with my phone.  Better photos will follow soon.  First step: getting our tickets.  The tickets you see on the photo are the ones we bought online.  We traded Manu (he cancelled)  for Shantel.  We also bought an autograph for Matt,  Michael and Violett after that.  (+ Liv bought a photo for Matt as well.)

ArcCon started the day with a Rick and Shantel Q&A.  

After that,  there was some time.  So we went outside for a moment to buy a drink &  some gum. And also had some snapchat fun.  Revealing our true nature:

Then it was time for a Q&A with Shantel,  followed by one of Violett and then Matt.  

After these Q&A,  it was 14 o'clock.  We decided to get some lunch.  We walked to a Subway.  Only to discover that our full meeting room would start at 14:30. So without a lunch we rushed back.  To discover that the full meetingroom was delayed haha.  But it was awesome: 

Now it was time for our Matt autograph!  He's only attending today,  so we really needed to go.  It was an enormous queue.  But we were lucky enough to meet some awesome people while queueing (during the rest of the day as well)!  We got the autograph and went to the last q&a: Rick Cosnett!  Liv also went for a photo op with Matt! 

We're ready for day 2!

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