Movie review: The Boss

My mom and my sisters decided it was time to go the cinema again together. My had mom had seen the trailer of the Boss and mentioned that she'd love to go. We looked up in which cinema the movie was playing and we decided to go! 


In "The Boss" Melissa McCarty plays the wealthy Michelle Darnell. Michelle has it all: Succes, money, prestige. But then she gets caught for inside trading. She's going to jail. When she's free again, she soon finds out that people feared her, not liked her. There's no one left, nowhere to go to. She end up at an ex-employees house. The ex-employee, Claire (Kirsten Bell), lives together with her daughter and decides to take Michelle in for the time being. She's not happy with it, but her daughter convinces her that Michelle has no other place to go. 

Optimistically Michelle tries to start to build a new empire. She's talking to people she knows and checking up on old acquaintances. But without results. No one likes her or wants to invest. She gets depressed and just lays on Claires couch all day. Claire gets sick of it and decides to give Michelle a task: To take her daughter to a Dandelions (girls scout) meeting. The subject is selling cookies. That's were the trouble starts.. Michelle sees an opportunity and starts her own group of girls who will be selling cookies. 


A lot of this, is also already visible in the movie's trailer. While watching the trailer I was a bit afraid I'd already seen the story. Some trailers just give away to much. Was this the case? Yes and no.  

Basically what happens in the trailer is the red line of what happens in the movie. Though were the trailer stops the movie does go on. Only thing is that I think it's less interesting after that. The story develops but doesn't add much for me. The most funny parts are in the beginning/ middle of the movie. At the end they're looking for a way to make a proper ending and that took to long for me. Too much unnecassary details and storylines. I lost my interest as from the moment (spoiler alert!) Renault wants to buy the cookie company. 


I thought was awesome by the way to see Peter Dinklage play Renault. He's such a great actor. But I did think the storyline with Renault was a bit too much. There already was enough to work with in the storyline with Michelle and Claire. Melissa McCarthy is strong as always and will make you laugh. She's just great at playing these types of roles and that's a really important factor in this movie. 


I loved the sarcastic jokes, competition and focus on making a career. I thought Ella Anderson, thegirl who plays Claire's daughter is a wonderfull actress. I think we'll hear a lot more from her! I didn't like the casting of Helen at all. Helen is one of the mothers that help lead the Dandelions cookie sale. She's the meanest one and confronts Michelle whenever she can. She was played by Annie Mumole but I didn't think it was convincing. It was constantly over the top & she was making faces a lot. It only reminded me that I was watching a movie and that they were trying to hard to be funny. 


All in all I had a laugh and enjoyed my time at the cinema. Though I'm not recommending this movie. There are some funny parts, but not enough to make up for the whole movie. Some storylines were too much and didn't add much value. I won't add it to my dvd collection when the movies comes out on dvd. 

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