Pentecost: Kanne

On Pentecost (Monday the 16th of May) we went to Kanne. There was a huge jumble sale. So, we decided to look for some dvds, games and other stuff.  We took the car and were on our way to Kanne! Untill we couldn't drive any further.. The road was blocked! Naive as we are, we thought the jumble sale must be nearby. So, we parked the car and started walking.. And walking.. Untill we finally saw Kanne! The walking was okay, but we definitely walked 20- 25 minutes. But hey, there was no rain and a little bit of sun. And ofcourse so much to tak about! No complains here.  We talked, sang movie songs and laughed a lot. 

There we were! It was still quite early (around 10), but already very very busy. We haven't been here before with Pentecost. So we were excited to discover how much would be there. I predicted that we wouldn't be gone before 4 o'clock, since Sig & Tristan aren't the fastest when it comes to jumble sales.. And I was right! There really was a lot to see! It's a huge market with lots of old stuff, some new stuff and plenty of food. You won't get hungry. Well, unless you don't buy anything ofcourse and just walk by and smell it. Sig & Tristan took their time and Liv and I looked at some wares, but we mostly talked a lot. About anything. (Yes, also about our Conmose goals). 

And ofcourse we wanted to promote Conmose a little bit. Check out our Conmose business card on the photo left (Above the "Kanne"- sign). We drank some coffee and I tried to keep an eye on all the dvds that were sold. When I get home again, I do need something to watch right? Liv and I decided to get something to eat and enjoy the lovely live music ;). Sigmund and Tristan were somewhere half way by now. (And bought more than we did. I just boought something to eat). When we walked further we found an interesting salesman: The dvd Santa Claus. yes, I'm not kidding. There he was, including a Santa Claus hat and a bell. If only the prices were Santa Claus worthy.. Unfortunately the things we  were interested in, were to expensive in our opinion. Fun fact: At every import dvd, he made translations himself and added that as a copy to the dvd.. (And didn't want to go down with the prices because it had cost him a lot of work).  


We also walked around a bit more in the surroundings. We saw a Con-Molen (For the Dutchies reading) in Kanne-Mose ;). We sat on a bench and drank some coffee. We watched a wild dog. (Actually only his owner was thinking that. The dog was very small and seemed nice). The dog just wanted to go to every other dog passing by (Can you blame him?) While doing this, this very tiny dog pulled over the chair he was bound to. After that, we watched the owner looking for alternatives for about 15 minutes haha. And then there was Weird Guy, making pictures of the dog, while the owner was still panicing about where to put his dog. 

Then it all came to an end. Sigmund and Tristan were done (around 4 o'clock) and we would head home. Sigmund was the only one that had bought dvds. He bought 2: Texas Chainsaw Massacre: The Next Generation and Nachtrit.  We ended the day eating (as always) some Greek food. And obviously.. writing for Conmose! 

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