Movie review: 13  (Thirteen)

Last week I wrote about Jason Statham for In the Spotlight. I was writing about his movies and really felt like watching Thirteen again. And so I did! After a very busy week, I finally had time to watch this movie again!


In Thirteen, Vincent Ferro overhears something about a well paid job. But the man who would do the job, is dead. Vincent decides to pretend to be him and go for the well rewarded job! Little did he know, he's getting into a complicated game of Russian Roulette. Only one man can live!


He enters a building. There's the game. Michael Shannon plays the game host. And he's a great one! He's strict and coldblooded. He leads the game and does not accept any disrupt. He's an excellent showhost. He sets the atmosphere and gives you that icy feeling that there's no way out of this.

When you the see the showhost, you see the contestants standing before him. The viewers are rich spectators betting on who will survive.


Round 1: The contestants are standing in a circle. They load their gun with on bullet. Raise their weapons. Spin the cylinders. Aim. Eyes on the bulb. When the bulb lights, shoot!


The movie is all about this game. After round one, there's a round two. As long as it takes to get only one winner. I like the suspense, the scared faces. The same reapting words every round. The seconds between them. The waiting for the bulb to light up. You're waiting for the gun shots and bodies to drop. Followed by faces of relief. Those who survived a round go on to the next.  


Vincent Ferro is played by Sam Riley. He shows a convincing scared, impressed Vincent. You see the fear in his eyes. But you also see him consent in his fate. He gets stronger during the movie. This film has a great cast with actors like Jason Statham, 50 Cent, Micky Rourke and David Zayas.


Between the rounds of shooting, you get to see some history of the contestant and viewers. Jason Statham plays Jasper, a wealthy British man. He went to get his brother from a mental institute. Just to let him play the game and make money out of it. He places bets on who will survive and urges others to bet on his brother as well.


Thirteen is actually a remake of the Georgian-French movie 13 Tzameti (2005). (I just found out I actually have this movie as well.. I'll watch it soon!) I just got to know this movie because Jason Statham plays a role in it. And I'm glad I did because I think it's a well developed story. Maybe it's a bit predictable now and then, but the great cast and moments of fear pulled me in this story.   

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