On the table: Giancarlo Esposito

Giancarlo Esposito was already announced as a guest before we knew that Dutch Comic Con existed. When we discovered Dutch Comic Con, I had no idea who he was though. I looked him up on Imdb, like I always do. I decided to make a watchlist for Ducth Comic Con: 

- The Usual Suspects

- Revolution 

- Breaking Bad

Yeah, quite ambitious to watch all of that in a couples of months time ( And still to have a life as well). But I did watch it all (Though I didn't finish Breaking Bad)! Revolution became my favourite, by far! I haven't watched Breaking Bad, but I had seen The Usual Suspects (I loved that movie) and I also chose to watch Revolution. In Revolution,Giancarlo plays the role of Tom Neville. And he does an awesome job!! I liked him the best in this series. Tom Neville is definately my favourite character in Revolution. Mine too, although I also love Billy Burke as Miles Matheson and David Lyons as his best friend  Sebastian "Bass" Monroe. Tom Neville isn't exactly a good guy. What I love the most: No matter what happens to Tom, he stays calm. And he has this big icy smile. When he smiles like that, he's up to no good. It makes him a really unique bad guy. Hard to fathom. Just seeing Giancarlo Esposito in this role, is enough reason to watch Revolution. Oh yes I love that smile, he is so amazing in his role of the bad guy. What I like about his character is that no matter what horrible things Tom Neville does, you also  kind of understand why he does it. And this is mainly because Giancarlo plays the role so convincingly.

At Dutch Comic Con, we decided to attend his Q&A and go for an autograph and picture at the table. During his Q&A Giancarlo expressed his love for the Netherlands (he was born in Kopenhagen, Denmark and raised in Rome, Italy):


"I love it when I come back to places like the Netherlands and I'm around true Dutch people. Because my mother...uh for one reason she was a big bicyclist, so I am as well. Here in the Netherlands, that's all you see is bicyclists. You are a very intelligent, creative and beautiful people, so it reminds me of the people of Denmark as well, so I'm really happy to be here.."


He also talked about why he started acting and  becoming an internationally known actor:


"I picked something I loved to do. I love to act, I love to create characters.

And  for me...if that never happened, that I had become an international

star, if I was just on the stage..I've done thirteen Broadway musicals..I 

would still be happy, because I love it. But I like people to see my work

and certainly it's a great gift to have become internationally known, 

because then more people see and experience how much I love what

I do. And if I can bring some happiness to my audience, that means 

everything to me."


About Tom Neville he said the following:


"Oh Tom Neville! He had the best storyline in Revolution

and I think he would have eventually become the President."


"He's a survivor. He's a character who would jump the fence

from one side to the other and do whatever it took to survive.

And he is I think, in our show Revolution, he's a great leader

because he would do anything to live and to preserve the lives

of his family. So I think if you were following him, you'd be

alive too."


When asked if he had influence on the character of Tom Neville he answered:


"Absolutely. Kripke, Eric Kripke, from Supernatural wrote the show

and created it...a great writer. And he listened to some of the

things I had to say about Neville. He was inspired by what I was

doing, because I was inspired and I was inspired by what he had 

written. So I had a lot of input into the show.."


Furthermore he talked about his voice acting and his upcoming role as  Akea in The Jungle Book (in cinemas now),about being a voice-over in documentaries and about how he loved playing with David Lyons (Bass Monroe) in Revolution.

Later that day we went to his table for an autograph and a picture. At his table, there was only one picture to choose (To get an autograph on).  It was a Breaking Bad photo. Giancarlo seemed a bit distracted. Looking at his phone a lot and his assistant (sitting next to him) was doing this as well. Because of that, it felt a bit rushed. I didn't really have a talk or anything. We just got the autograph and picture. It was a pity we didn't get the chance a bit more to talk about Revolution. Maybe I just shoud have started to talk and ask about it, but well I wasn't courageous enough yet, back then.  

The picture I took from Liv and Giancarlo was a bit shaky, so we went back. It was no problem for Giancarlo to make a new one. He was very kind about it. Yes he was, taking another picture was absolutely not a problem. Later, I understood that they were so busy (during the autograph) getting more pictures for signing. The next day I saw many more pictures at his table. Great for the people who went to see him on sunday!  

On sunday, we went to the Q&A again. That was great. Giancarlo spoke about Breaking Bad, Revolution and his movies. He seemed to have fun in answering all the questions. After the Q&A we went to walked around on the convention again. At one point, we looked at his table (By the end of the day, when almost everyone was gone), we saw Giancarlo kissing his 'assistant'. The woman who was sitting next to him the whole weekend. We were shocked! OMG, what did we just see? After some googling, we were pretty sure it was his wife :). He just brought his wife with him.. 

By the end of the day, Giancarlo was still there at his table (When others were leaving/ already left). He didn't just sneak away quietly. He enjoyed making some fun and having some interaction. He went lying on his table. Just with his eyes closed. And in no time people came to watch. He was enjoying it and gave his fans an unique moment. I felt like still got 'my moment' and was really happy. After this moment of joking around we had to leave and so did Mr. Esposito. But before leaving he took a few more pictures of the Batmobile, as did I!



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