Tip of the week: Matroesjka's

Matroesjka's is a Flemish series about Belgium human traffickers. They go for example to Bulgaria, Romenia, Thailand, Lithuania. This Belgium criminal organisation is going to countries like Thailand and Russia to lure women. The women think they are heading towards a better life. They are led to believe they are going to be a model or dancer.  But in reality the women are forced to dance in strip clubs and used for prostitution.

How about the actors?

Axel Daeseleire (Also known for Team Spirit 1 & 2) and Peter Van Den Begin (Buiten Spel, Vet Hard, Oud België) play human traffickers in the series. The girls are mostly just known for their role in Matroesjka's. Some of them have starred in other movies, but these are mostly Russian/ Ukrainian movies. Some of the actresses are for example: Evgenia Hirivskaya, Viktorya Kosova and Anastasia Zadorozjnaja. 

Who will like this?

If you're interested in a story about human trafficking/forced prostitution: Definitely watch this series. I liked it a lot. It has a firm but surprising plot and is very suspensful.  It's a crime/drama series, but it also has some humor mixed into it. But you can also expect a lot of action! It's never boring. I love the acting of the girls. It all seems very realistic.

How many seasons?

There were two seasons. Season 1: They said, it's only dancing. And season 2: We do it for our families. (Season 2 takes places 3 years from season 1. 

My opinion

I thought it was an awsome series! It's a pity that there are only 2 season. It's a very interesting story. Well played by all of the actors. I like that the show goes in depth: It shows you different sides and zoom in on different characters. They don't only show how the human trafficking goes, but also the fights and betrayal between the traffickers. They show how some of them actually want to help the women, but others just care about the money. It also shows the girls: How they experience it, try to escape, want to earn money for their mothers, children, grandparents. It highlights their families and how they look at leaving their home country to look for a better future. 


Imdb: 8,4

Me: 9

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