Movie review: 10 Cloverfield Lane

I really wanted to go the cinema this week. So, I checked out the movies. My pick was "10 Cloverfield Lane". I was intrigued by the plot of the movie.  I haven't seen "Cloverfield", so I went in open minded. At the moment I chose to watch "10 Cloverfield Lane", I had no clue it was related to "Cloverfield" (You can't call it a sequel).

We chose to go to Pathe Maastricht. I hadn't been there since they moved to this location. I was impressed!  It looks very nice and new. And, wow, have you seen the food? There's so much to choose from. It's very spacious and the seats are great. You even have double seats (love seats). Only disadvantage for me is the parking/ accessibility. Going to the cinema isn't cheap, I don't like to pay for parking as well (there a lot of cinemas with free parking). 


"10 Cloverfield Lane" is about a girl named Michelle, she has a car accident. When she wakes up, she's in a bed in a bunker. Chained. She learns that Howard (John Goodman) put her there. At first, he doesn't tell her much. Later on, bits and pieces of the story get to the surface. He explains that there has been a chemical attack. He is a doomsday prepper and has been preparing for this: He built a bunker. They cannot leave this bunker he tells her: Because of the chemical attack. 

There's a third person in the bunker: Emmett. He worked for Howard and fled to the bunker when the attack begun. For me there were 2 big questions that were most important: Was there really a chemical attack or has she been kidnapped? And: Who is Howard? 


Howard is an odd guy and that's an understatement. John Goodman does an excellent job in presenting him as a creepy, peculiar and most of all unpredictable guy. You never know when he's going to burst. And that's what I really liked in the movie. He's not just a grumpy stupid guy. He's smart and he acts fast. The movie has a great pace because of this. I was startled a few times and that's a good thing. I like unexpected things to happen. Howard is therefore not a simple character. 


The movie focuses on the relation between Michelle&Emmett with Howard, which is a complicated. They wonder if they can trust Howard, try to fit in his way of life, but also stay suspicious. They want to find out who he is and why he does what he does. And that's of course hard, when someone constantly keeps an eye on you. Seeing these relations develop is interesting. It's a game between distrust and deception: Who will come out as a winner?


At the end of the film, things took a turn. I'll try not to give too much spoilers (be warned), but it felt like at a certain moment I was watching a completely different movie/ genre. I was quite surprised by that. I left the cinema in a state of confusion: What did I actually see? And for some things that happened in the movie, I asked myself why? I didn't get an answer to all my questions, and some events seemed irrelevant at the end (but then why was this in the movie?). 


I enjoyed watching the movie a lot. Though, the movie as a whole wasn't quite it for me. The transition in the end was too sudden and different I think. Where the pace of the rest of the film was excellent, this was too rushed for me. I felt I was watching something else. And I keep wondering about some scenes/questions: What was their purpose? I didn't get an answer and don't exactly get the added value in the movie. I'm glad that I watched it though, it's an intriguing story and I liked a big part of it. The story had some really clever and surprising moments.    


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