The brilliance of AMC's The Walking Dead...

....and why this weeks episode ("No Tomorrow Yet") is a perfect example of that fact.

In my opinion the the great strength of "The Walking Dead" is the way the story shows , what kind of impact long periods of stress and anxiety have on a group's dynamic, as well as on each individual within that group.

In the last seasons our group of "good guys" evolved into something completely different. Yet we, as viewers, do not want to see this horrible truth. 


This week's episode is the perfect example of this fact. In the second half of the episode we see our "good guys" attack Negan's lair. They kill a lot of "bad people" in their sleep and when the battle seemed to be won, of course we all cheered a little bit. But should we? All we know about Negan and his group is that they kill to survive ( sure it seems Negan kills for fun), but aside from that; Is it really different from what our group does? The mere fact that the guy from the Hilltop thinks Rick is scarier than Negan, should tell us something about the error in our observation.

In conclusion TWD is a great show about a postapocalyptic world that is terrorised by walkers. It looks great and is loaded with action and gore. But the real geniality lies in the psychological layers of the show. 

But hey...that is my opinion.


All that's left to say is "Go Rick&co" and to speak in the words of the great Abraham Ford: Take down that motherdick!



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