Merch at Walker Stalker London

So we were at Walker Stalker London last Sunday. I was mostly looking forward to check out some merchandise. I have to say I was kind of surprised how little different stands there were. I expected it to be al lot bigger and it was not enough to keep me interested for the whole day. But since I’m mostly looking for t-shirts and DVDs, it could just be me.


Most merchandise was Walking Dead merchandise, which isn’t a surprise. I saw a couple of stands with The Walking Dead comics and magazines. Also there were a lot of t-shirts, action figures, funko pops and other collectables. Although not all Walking Dead. They also had a lot of Breaking Bad, Game of Thrones, Marvel and DC stuff. And there were some stands with some custom made t-shirts and other collectables. Some cool stuff there also, but it’s not the kind of thing I’m looking for. There were also some Walker Stalker shirts, hoodies and posters as well.


I spend most of my money at the Darkside Goodies stand. These guys had some awesome t-shirts. All of which are from classic horror movies, just my cup of tea. They even had a Dawn of the Mummy shirt, I never new such a shirt existed. Also these shirts were 10 pounds each, which I think isn’t a bad deal. And I also got a shirt for free. I would definitely recommend these guys, check them out if you see them at a con or visit their website.


Also there was a stand by Headshot merchandise. They had some cool shirts as well. Most of them were also from classic horror movies like The Thing, IT and Halloween. I really liked the designs, although I thought 20 pounds for a shirt was a bit expensive. 


Overall I had a good time at Walker Stalker London. But I just expected it to be a little bigger. Also I was quite disappointed that nobody sold any DVDs. But the things they did sell were rather diverse so that’s definately a good thing, since everybody is looking to get something different.


Things I bought: 




- Plan 9 From Outer Space


- Dawn of the Mummy


- The Last Man on Earth


- The Invisible Man


- The Mummy (Hammer)


- The Mummy (Universal)


- The Mummy’s Curse


- Dracula


- The Horror of Frankenstein


The picture below contains some other stuff I bought in London as well.

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