8 Thoughts on Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life

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"The Walking Dead" Challenge: Vlog Review S07E05

So last week we asked for your help in our vlog "Conmose Needs You". One of the reactions we got was from Rhee30, she asked for anything related to "The Walking Dead" and our thoughts about the story at the moment. We decided to do a video review of last week's epsiode (S07E05). We did not have the time to do a vlog together, so we made a little mix up of our thoughts. We hope you enjoy it and let us know what you think and what you would like us to do!

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Conmose Needs You!

We need you! We started vlogging recently. and we've made a couple now. Mainly about our moment at Comic Cons. Describing the most funny moments but also letting you know what we did at a convention. Plus we have our regular unboxing of the BAM box of course! And we will keep on vlogging. Because of that, we need you! Let us know in the comment: What do you want us to vlog about? Anything movie, series or Comic Con related is fine! It can be a movie review, seeing us watch a movie or series. But you can also give us a challenge. We're up for anything ;)! This is your chance!  

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Tip of the week: Gilmore Girls

This week our series tip is Gilmore Girls! I'm writing this now because there will be a new miniseries of Gilmore Girls soon! Exciting isn't it? It's called 'Gilmore Girls: A Year in the Life'. There will be 4 episodes of 90 minutes. 25 November you can find these episodes on Netflix! 


So I decided this was a good moment to discus Gilmore Girls. Tell me in comments, how many of you have sen Gilmore Girls?

I have watched it, but I didn't watch every episode. It was still in a time when I only watched things on TV. And I didn't always have the time to watch. So occasionally, I watched some episodes of Gilmore Girls. Now I've started to watch the seasons completely on Netflix!


Okay, now over to the plot!  The series follows a mother (Lorelei Gilmore) and her teenage daughter (Rory). The show is completely about both of them and their relationship. General themes are love, work, education and social class. 

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