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Liv & Carola movie challenge

A while ago, Liv & I had a 'Conmose' day. We worked on the website all day long and also did a few challenges and vlogs. One of them, is the challenge we're presenting you today! I'll explain the rules to you, it's quite simple. 


1. We spin the wheel

2. We get a letter on the wheel

3. We must think of a movie that starts with that letter

4. The one who thinks of a movie with that letter first gets one point! 


It's not as easy as it sounds haha. Check out our vlog to see which movies we came up with! If you have another challenge for us, let us know in the comments! We'll be happy to do it :). 

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The hills are alive!

Once upon a time.. (Or a long time ago in a galaxy far far away...). Long before Conmose existed , Liv and I went to see the musical of the Sound of Music together in Breda (the Netherlands). As long as I can remember, I loved the movie. My sister loves it as well. And usually around the time of Christmas we would decide to watch the movie again. So I grew up with a fair share of the Sound of Music in my life. Same for me, I've always loved this movie and I have seen it a million times throughout my life. Small difference with the story of Carola is that I have a big brother and he doesn't like it at all (and that's the understatement of the century). I remember one time this became painfully clear to me. Let me take you back to the roaring 90s: my brother and I were eating soup and I was constantly singing the song "Edelweiss" ( mind you I'm no Adele or Beyonce). At a particular moment my brother was so fed up with it, he took the spoon and he hit me on my forehead. Well I guess I had that one coming. I can imagine that it was quite annoying (untill I have never admitted that to my brother; so Ingmar I hope you arr reading this one).


I've always liked it, even though I'm not into musicals as a specific genre. I like some. But I wouldn't call myself a musical lover. I loooove musicals, but not all of them. One of my other all time favorites is "Grease".

Anyhow,  I've always thought the music in this movie is just awesome. I really love the songs. I have to admit that when I was smaller, I didn't understand the end of the movie and the time in which the movie is set (Austria, just before World War II). 


I almost can't imagine that there's someone out there who hasn't heard of this movie. But ofcourse I know not everyone is familiar with the Sound of Music. Let us explain a little: The movie is about Maria (Julie Andrews) who is a nun. But she's not sure about what she wants and who she is. Because of that she gets an assignment: She will be a governess to a large family. The father (Christopher Plummer) is a widow and is looking for someone to look after his children and obeys the strict rules. At first this is very hard. Maria is completely different from Captain Von Trapp (the father). She likes to give the children space and let them play.  Captain Von Trapp is very strict and doesn't like to be contradicted. But Maria falls in love wit the children. But will she also manage to be on good terms with the Captain? 

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Movies we watched in November

Here's an overview of the movies we watches in November! What did you watch? Do you have any nice tips for us? 

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Auschwitz: the Nazis and the Final Solution

As you might know, Sig and I went on holiday to Krakow in September. We knew we wanted to visit Auschwitz during our holiday. The Auschwitz concentration camp was a network of concentration and extermination camps built by Nazi Germany during the Second World War.  About one week before our holiday, Netflix suggested a documentary to me. It was the documentary Auschwitz: The Nazis and the Final Solution. Since we had already plans to visit Auschwitz, we decided to watch the documentary in advance. And I'm glad we did.   

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"The Walking Dead" Challenge: Vlog Review S07E05

So last week we asked for your help in our vlog "Conmose Needs You". One of the reactions we got was from Rhee30, she asked for anything related to "The Walking Dead" and our thoughts about the story at the moment. We decided to do a video review of last week's epsiode (S07E05). We did not have the time to do a vlog together, so we made a little mix up of our thoughts. We hope you enjoy it and let us know what you think and what you would like us to do!

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