Interviews & Behind the scenes

We at Conmose love to give you some insights inti the movie & convention world. In order to do this we have collaborated with some amazing people and organizations. 


Interview Steve de Roover

An interview with film critic and producer Steve de Roover about his award-winning documentary: ""Forgotten Scares: An In-depth Look at Flemish Horror Cinema" and his past and upcoming work. 


Interview with the Dutch Fredette (Kelly Lentjes)

We interviewed the amazing Kelly Lentjes, who you might know as Cosplayer The Dutch Fredette or as Cosplayer Billy. She is also a self taught SFX artist and loves anything Horror.

Convention Hosts

We interviewed Mr. Daniel Cardoso. Besides being a host and translator for several conventions, like WolfCon, Dan is also an actor and comedian. Let's say just say, the guy is an all round entertainer.

He is a huge "Star Wars" fan, he loves good whiskey and as the moderator of the panels at the FACTS convention, he talked with a lot of cool people. We thought it was time to talk to him! Enjoy our interview wit Mr. Mark Dermul.

Maurice Wolbert has been hosting the panels at Dutch Comic Con, since the first edition back in 2015. We thought it was time to turn the tables and ask him some questions,


"Stars and Me" is a Facebook group page, where people can share their in person photos with celebrities and the stories behind them.