We love working together with other people, do interviews or do guest blogs. On this page we give you a complete overview of the people/ companies we worked together with. 

KLZ Events

Last year (2016) we visited Arccon, a convention organised by KLZ Events. Conventions organized by KLZ Events are so unique! So we decided to do an interview with them.  This year, we will attend Bloody Night Con Brussels! 

Breezeeweezee Cosplay

Zeno Pictures

Also for our page about insights in Comic Con, we did an interview with Zeno Pictures. At conventions, we all love to buy merch and DVDs! There are some vendors we love in particular. For DVDs, that's the stand of Zeno Pictures. We decided to ask them if they would do an interview with us to tell us more about Zeno Pictures and the DVDs they sell.