Comic cons- Insights

We LOVE comic cons and we want to share our love for conventions with you. We get that it's a bit overwhelming. You might ask yourself: Where should I start? What do I need to know? 


Let us help you! On this page, you can find everything you need to know. We are planning on making a lot of articles for this page, so be sure to check in regularly ;). 


We'll divide the articles in categories for you: You can find tips & tricks about meeting actors at conventions, we have a great guest post about cosplay and some great background articles will follow very soon. We'll give you insights from the perspectives of organizers of conventions, companies that are selling merch or dvds at conventions and way more! 


The Con Factory organizes awesome TV show conventions. They're well known for their Teenwolf convention 'Wolfcon' in Amsterdam. Want to know more? Check out the interview

We talked to KLZ Events about their conventions! Check out our article for some insights on how they organize their events!

We talked to Mark Dermul. Over the years we got to know him as the man behind the mic during the Q&A's at FACTS. We talked to him about this and other things, like Star Force Events and the evolution of FACTS.

Cosplay/ Costume Groups

We interviewed the amazing Dutch Fredette

We did an interview with the Ghostbusters Dutch Division

We spoke to Star Wars Costume Group: Dutch Garrison! Want to know everything about them? Check out our article!

We did an interview with Jurassic Park Netherlands.


We LOVE to buy DVDs at convention. At Weekend of Hell we did an interview with Zeno Pictures about the movies they distribute! 

We interviewed Dirtees! Find out everything about their T-shirts in our article. 

Meeting actors

Is your favorite actor attending a con and you want to do a photo op? No worries! Check out our top 10 tips! 

We're giving you are best 10 tips on how to get an autograph at comic con!