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Hi! On this page, we're sharing our convention experiences with you. After going to a convention, we'll write about it. We will make an overview of the convention and write about all the aspects. We will also compare some of the conventions & organisations. let us know what you think is important on a convention via! 

Arccon: Overview 2016 (KLZ events)

Liv and I went to Arccon 2016 (June 25 th & 26th). It was organised by KLZ Events. Arccon is fan convention  with guests from the series The Flash and Arrow. February 27th, I was home alone. Just browsing the internet. When I saw this promotion for Arccon. The prices for the passes were lower: We must have seen it at exactly the same time. Liv and I started talking via Whatsapp immediately. Well, within a few minutes we bought the tickets. Yes that was a very spur of the moment decision. In my opinion it was now or never, so we decided to just do it! At that moment, there were 3 guests announced. (Colton, Rick and Manu). Later on also Katie and Shantel were announced. We were very happy with this awesome line-up and already bought some photo ops and autographs. Later on, we received the bad news that Colton had cancelled, followed by Katie and Manu. Well that wasn't fun! All week I walked around with a grumpy face, grumpy cat would be jealous of. But, KLZ also had good news. They found replacements quickly: Matt Ryan, Violett Beane and Michael Rowe! I was especially happy with the announcement of Matt Ryan. I loved him in his role as Constantine (he really does a brilliant job on portraying this one).But I was thrilled about all three replacements. 

This was our first KLZ convention! 

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Dutch Comic Con: Overview 2016

We went to Dutch Comic Con!! We had a weekend tickets, so 2 days of fun. Here's what we thought: 

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FACTS: Overview spring edition 2016

October 2015, we went to FACTS for the first time! FACTS is a Belgian Comic Con. I was very impressed by the way it was set up. So this year, we decided to go again. And this time we had a whole weekend! Yay! This was the first time, there was a spring edition. We arrived a bit after 10. Parking was a bit confusing: Many parking places, we didn't know immediately where to go. Luckily there were parking attendants that showed us where to go. Walking from the parking lot to FACTS took about 10 minutes. There was quite a line to get in. We had been expecting this. FACTS already announced many checks and you weren't allowed to take in bags bigger than an A4. But: The queue went very smoothly. We stood in line a while, but it went well. The line moved constantly: No standing still. So for me, the queue wasn't a problem. On Sunday things went even more smoothly. You have to imagine there was a big hall were everybody came in, then there was bag and ticket control. After that, you walked into another hall with some things to do and eat. This was the real entrance hall. On Sunday they let people go through security checks before 10, so everyone was waiting in the second hall for the doors to open. You could take a seat and have some coffee. Or get your picture taken. At 10 o' clock sharp the big doors opened and everyone was inside in a few minutes. Great organization!  What I like the most about FACTS is the variety. There's so much to do! A lot of merchandise, props, actors, cosplayers and games. I can't get bored at FACTS!

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Walker Stalker Con

Sundaymorning, lyrical faces & star bucks coffee. That's the start of our Walker Stalker adventure. We were excited since  we bought the tickets in july, so at this moment we were unstoppable! We were buzzing from excitement and after a very small (but very effective) cup of espresso, my adrenaline levels were sky high. We made a 'plan'. We knew what we really wanted to do and see and the rest would be just extra! And after all the tweets and facebookposts we read about the day before, we knew it would be a jungle in there. So we needed that plan.


(We wrote this article together: Carola and Liv. The regular font is Carola speaking and the italic text is Liv. Enjoy!)

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