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We love to go to movie/ serie conventions! On this page you can read more information about the different conventions we follow. You can read our experiences (If we went there), the latest news and guest announcements! 

Some things you might not know about the guests of WolfCon - Part 1

This weekend we are going to WolfCon in Amsterdam. It is a Teen Wolf fan event, organised by The Con Factory  and it will be held in the Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport Hotel in Lijnden. There will be 7 Teen Wolf related guest attending the event: Ian Bohen (Peter Hale), Charlie Carver (Ethan Steiner), Max Carver (Aiden Steiner), Ryan Kelley (Jordan Parrish), Gideon Emery (Deucalion), Casey Deidrick (Halwyn) and Froy Gutierez (Nolan). 

Because we are going to Wolf Con and because of the premiere of Season 6b (the last ten episodes of Teen Wolf) this Sunday, we thought it would be nice to share some (fun) facts with you, about the show and its actors. Today we have part 1 for you.

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Looking Forward to WolfCon 3.0

Next weekend we are going to WolfCon in Amsterdam. It's a fan convention about MTV's Teen Wolf and it is organized by The Con Factory. We talked to Patricia from The Con Factory and you can read about that in our Behind the Scenes article. The convention will take place in the Park Plaza Hotel Amsterdam Airport. We are familiar with this venue, because we spent the night here when we attended Comic Con Amsterdam in 2016. Not only will WolfCon be held in this hotel, Carola and I will also call it our home for the next weekend. For those of you who have never heard of Teen Wolf, check out our Series Tip about the show. In the video below we are looking forward to the convention and it's guests. Personally I am very excited about Ian Bohen, who plays the role of Peter Hale in Teen Wolf. Somehow I am still hoping for someone like Tyler Hoechlin or Seth Gilliam as a substitute for Holland Roden, who had to cancel. 

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The guests of Wolfcon!

Yeah! Liv and I will be attending Wolfcon! Of course we are super exited! #excitedisanunderstatement. We can't wait to go and to see you all there. That's why we to discuss the guests with you today. We're so curious to hear who's your favorite character in Teen Wolf. But also what kind of extra's you've already bought for Wolfcon. Let's not wait any longer and discuss the guests! 

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Michael Malarkey's bite!

Liv and I were queuing at Bloody Night Con. It was our second photo op of the weekend! One the many we would do. We had bought a photo op for the complete guest list: Nate Buzolic, Paul Wesley, Kat Graham, Charles Michael Davis, Riley Voelkel and of course Michael Malarkey. Back to the queuing! We stood there, waiting for the photo op. And it was terribly hot. We were standing there in some kind of hallway. And the temperature was rising quickly. This was our first photo op that day. Later on that day it would get warmer and warmer. It was the "two hobbits came around and threw a ring in the hallway" kind of hot. I was sweating like a pig and me being nervous for meeting Michael Malarkey didn't make it any better. When Michael started to play Enzo in The Vampire Diaries, I immediately thought he was pretty cool.And I was so happy to have a chance to meet him, but it made me nervous as hell. It had been a long time since I was this nervous and I felt like I was melting.


The queue was quite long. And we started talking to some other girls in the queue. That was fun! It always helps in being less nervous. You don't just stand there, realizing what you're about to do. We talked about the convention, the guests and our extra's. And also about photo op poses. I really, really wanted a bite pose. But I had never asked for a pose before. And you all know that at a con, I'm not the most courageous person. So I was kind of accepting that it wasn't going to happen.But we kept talking about photo op poses and photo we liked. I noticed that I got more enthusiastic about my idea. I was thinking about asking for a pose too, but I quickly gave up on that thought, given the fact I was so nervous. I know that if I try to talk at that moment I am not able to form words and sentences. I only produce sounds...

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Photo Impression - Comic Con Gent

Last weekend Tristan and I went to Comic Con Ghent (unfortunately Carola and Sigmund could not come).  We decided to combine a visit to the beautiful city of Ghent, with some Comic Con fun. On Saturday we walked around the city and I bought some pretty cool stuff. At Fnac (a Belgian multi media store), I bought the special steel book editions from Ghostbusters & Ghostbusters II. I never saw these anywhere else so I had to have them (of course I already have the normal editions). I also bought The Originals (Season 1) and 127 Hours, a movie with James Franco. I really loved that one and I wrote about it in "The Movies we watched in February". Of course I also had to buy a shirt and I found a great Harry Potter shirt (which I had to fit in a small bag, so I do not have a picture of that one; it's too wrinkled).

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