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We love to go to movie/ serie conventions! On this page you can read more information about the different conventions we follow. You can read our experiences (If we went there), the latest news and guest announcements! The tiles will get you to the main pages for the conventions we visit. Below the tiles you can find the most recent articles about the conventions we visit.

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Photo overview Comic Con Ghent 2019

Sunday, May 5th (Revenge of the Fifth!), we made our way to Ghent in Belgium for Comic Con Ghent 2019. Of course we will write a more extensive review of our day in one of Belgium's most beautiful cities, but for now we will give you a little photo overview of the things we did when we were over there!

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Weekend of Hell Spring 2019

We went to Weekend of Hell again! This time (Spring 2019) Weekend of Hell was organized in the same venue & weekend as German Comic Con. We decided to visit both. On Saturday, we kicked off with Weekend of Hell. 

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WOH 2015: Meeting William Baldwin

This weekend it's time for Weekend of Hell in Dortmund and we are so looking forward to it. We have been attending Weekend of Hell for many years now and we always have a blast. This particular Weekend of Hell took place in the Turbinenhallen in Oberhausen and it had an amazing guestlist. What to think of names, like: David Labrava ("Sons of Anarchy"), Mark Boone Jr. ("Sons of Anarchy", "Memento"), Michael Madsen ("Kill Bill", "Reservoir Dogs", "Donnie Brasco", "The Hateful Eight"), Brad Dourif ("Child's Play", "One Flew over the Cuckoo's Nest", "Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers"), Amanda Bearse ("Married with Children", "Fright Night"), Corey Feldman ("Stand by Me", "The Lost Boys", "Gremlins", "The Goonies"), IronE Singleton ( "The Walking Dead"), Sarah Butler ("I Spit on your Grave"), Ken Foree ("Dawn of the Dead", "The Devil's Rejects", Rob Zombie's "Halloween"), Tony Todd ("Candyman", "The Crow") and Costas Mandylor ("Saw")...to name a few. And then there was William Baldwin, who I knew for "Backdraft", "Sliver" and "Flatliners". I especially loved his performance on "Backdraft", so I knew I wanted to meet him. And now with his new Netflix show "Northern Rescue", I thought it was time to talk some more about Mr. Baldwin.

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DCC Special: Meeting Tom Felton at FACTS 2018

This upcoming weekend it's time for Heroes Dutch Comic Con in the Jaarbeurshallen in Utrecht. As series and movie lovers, we are very excited about the guests of Dutch Comic Con 2019. These are the actors and actresses that will make their way to Utrecht: Shannen Doherty ("Charmed", "Beverly Hills 90210"), Jennifer Morrison ("House M.D.", "Once Upon a Time"), Katherine McNamara ("Shadowhunters", "Maze Runner" franchise), Benedict Wong ("Doctor Strange", "The Avengers: Infinity War"), Sophie Skelton ("Outlander") and Tom Felton ("Harry Potter"-franchise, "The Flash").  Last year Tom was a guest at the FACTS Fall Edition in Ghent and being a big "Harry Potter" fan, I had to be there. I attended his panel and bought a photo op with the man behind one of the most hated movie characters of the last decades: Draco Malfoy.

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Dutch Comic Con March 2019 - The guests (Update 3)

In just over a week our Comic Con season kicks off with Dutch Comic Con in Utrecht and we are really looking forward to it! We have been to every edition since it started in 2015 and we always have a lot of fun. Over the last couple of months, we have already talked about the guests that were announced and this week Dutch Comic Con announced its last guest for their 2019 Spring edition. The guest list up until this week already had some amazing names, like: Shannen Doherty, Jennifer Morrison, Tom Felton, Katherine McNamara and Benedict Wong. And now Dutch Comic Con announced its last movie and television guest and it's no one less than Sophie Skelton! Sophie is mostly known for her role as Brianna Randall Fraser in "Outlander". The combination of an amazing guest list, very cool cosplay, great merchandise and a lot of other cool things to do should be enough to persuade you to make your way to Utrecht on the 23rd and 24th of March (tickets are still available here). 

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