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Series tip: Gotham

Series Tip Luther

It's time for another series tip! We've already gathered quite a few. But it will never be enough haha. There are so many series nowadays. It's hard to pick one to watch. And we're always here to help! Just check out the overview of our series tips and you'll definitely find something you'll like! Today we are discussing: Gotham. 


Why Gotham? Because it's FACTS week this week on Conmose. We're going to FACTS next weekend and we will meet Ben McKenzie and Morena Baccarin. Both known for Gotham! 


Gotham is about the years before Batman's arrival. You get to see a younger version of James Gordon and Bruce Wayne. 


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Let's talk about Kristian Nairn!

Finally! This is the moment. This weekend, Liv and I will finally meet Kristian Nairn. Best known for his role in Game of Thrones as Hodor!

We were so excited when Amsterdam Comic Con announced him as a guest in 2016. But then he cancelled! And we got to hear that on the day of the convention. So you can imagine our happiness when FACTS announced Kristian as a guest.

So.. Let's talk about Hodor again! Below you can see our vlog from August 2016.  

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Dutch Comic Con 2017: Picture overview

We went to Dutch Comic Con today!! Yeah! As usual we'll write a lot about our adventures (There were a LOT of adventures!). But since we have so many events planned in the upcoming weeks, we'll first give you the pictures! All stories will follow later. Bottom line:  It was AWESOME. 

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The week before...

As you all might know already.. We're going to Dutch Comic Con on Sunday March 26th! In the post you can follow the conversations Liv & I have the day prior to the event! 

We will keep chatting in the post, even though it's live already. up until the event. 

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DCC Week: The Man behind (the) "Face"

A few weeks ago Dutch Comic Con announced Dirk Benedict as a guest for their upcoming edition (25th-26th of March 2017 in Utrecht). Of course I was over the moon. I’m an 80’s kid (born in 1980), so I grew up with shows like Dukes of Hazzard, Airwolf, MacGyver and The A-Team. Those were the days, right? And now decades later Dutch Comic Con gives me the chance to actually meet a member of the A-Team, how great is that! Years ago I went to the taping of a Dutch late night show, where Dirk Benedict and Dwight Schultz (Face and Murdock in the A-Team) were guests. I thought that was pretty cool, but now I get the chance to really meet one of them. As part of our Dutch Comic Con Week, I thought it would be cool to tell you some more about the man behind (the) “Face”.

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