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We love to go to movie/ serie conventions! On this page you can read more information about the different conventions we follow. You can read our experiences (If we went there), the latest news and guest announcements! The tiles will get you to the main pages for the conventions we visit. Below the tiles you can find the most recent articles about the conventions we visit.

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Interview with Max Carver at Wolfcon

Wolfcooooooooooon. Yes! We attended Wolfcon 4.0 in Amsterdam. WolfCon is a "Teen Wolf" convention, organized by the Con Factory. On Friday, we attended the press event: A boat trip on the beautiful canals of Amsterdam! During the boat trip, we got the chance to do interviews with some of the actors, who were attending the con: Ryan Kelley, Max Carver and Andrew Matarazzo. Max also attended Wolfcon last year, and we were excited to him again! We asked him everything we wanted to know and we are ready to share it with you. Are you ready? 

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Meeting Emilie de Ravin

When I saw that Dutch Comic Con had announced Emilie de Ravin as a guest, I knew I wanted to go! And also do a photo op with her. I love Once Upon A Time, but also know her for other movies and series. I really wanted to meet her and I had no idea how she would be at a con. She's played such a diversity of roles. It was hard to imagine for me how she would be when I'd actually meet her. From the beginning on, Liv and I sang an "Emilie de Ravin" song. (On the song of "I'm a Raver"). You can see it in our Dutch Comic Con vlog

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WolfCon 4.0: by the Con Factory - The guests (so far)

Last year we had a great time at WolfCon 3.0, a "Teen Wolf" fan convention, organized by The Con Factory.  We had a fantastic weekend in the capital of The Netherlands: Amsterdam. And have we got news for you! It's final: we are going to WolfCon 4.0! We will be arriving in Amsterdam on Friday July 27th and the convention will be held at Saturday July 28th and Sunday July 29th in the Park Plaza Hotel in Amsterdam. In this article we will look back at the 2017 edition and most of all look forward to the 2018 edition. But first of all, we want to tell you that there are still tickets available (the shop closes on July 14th) at a 50% discount rate. So do not hesitate to visit the shop by clicking this link.

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Bloody Night Con 2018: Sunday

We were excited to go back on Sunday! Lots of great things were still to come so we were definitely excited. We got up early. Very early. The guys wanted to go to a flea market close to Brussels. The guys went to the flea market and we still had 2 hours until Bloody Night Con would start again. Enough time to have some breakfast, discuss the upcoming day, drink a coffee and walk to the Egg. 

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Bloody Night Con 2018 Saturday

Yeah! We went to Bloody Night Con 2018 in Brussels!! As you all know, we're huge fans of the Originals & The Vampire Diaries. Last year we went to Bloody Night Con Europe for the first time.  We had an amazing time and it was lovely to meet Kat Graham, Nate Buzolic, Paul Wesley, Michael Malarkey and Riley Voelkel! This year, we decided not to go. There are so many conventions and we can't attend everything. But at the last moment, the guest list convinced us to decide to come anyway. We just really wanted to meet Daniel Gillies, who had to cancel last year. 

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