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We love to go to movie/ serie conventions! On this page you can read more information about the different conventions we follow. You can read our experiences (If we went there), the latest news and guest announcements! 

Comic Con Agenda

Summer is over and it's time to do some more comic cons! There's a lot of choice in the upcoming months. We gathered a few nice events for you! Let us know in the comments: Which comic cons will you be visiting? We're not sure yet! 

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Comic Con Amsterdam: Film & TV guests

Just a few more days and then it's time for Comic Con Amsterdam! We went last year and met some awesome guests. We met Sean Astin, James Marsters, Natalia Tena, Robert Englund and Lance Henriksen! If you want to read more about Comic Con Amsterdam 2016, check out our overview. Unfortunately we won't be able to go to Comic Con Amsterdam this year. But: We still want to discuss the guest list with you! They have some pretty amazing guests. 

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Meeting Lennie James

Lennie James has been spoken of a lot. If you're a fan of The Walking Dead, you've probably been cheering when you saw Morgan and Rick reunite. That was a long wanted scene by the fans. However. Not everything is as good as you hope for. It seemed like Morgan had changed. It made the reunion a bit bittersweet. We had all hoped for at least one mini happy ending in the Walking Dead right? But then again, the Walking Dead is still running, so anything can and probably will happen! 


Lennie James plays the role of Morgan in The Walking Dead. In season 1, he and Rick meet. But they part ways. Seasons later, Morgan is back! I was thrilled to see him back in The Walking Dead. But at the same time, I had to get used to his changed personality. It wasn't like we knew Morgan that well in season 1. And since then, I have moments that I really like Morgan. And other moments he just irritates me haha. But in all those cases I have to say: Lennie is excellent. He's an awesome actor. I completely agree. I mean, I am not an agressive person myself and I totally get the whole pacifist thingy he has got going on. But my God you are in the middle of a Zombie Apocalypse and as if the whole Walker problem is not enough; you and your group are being attacked by a raging psychopath and his army. Come on Morgan, pull yourself together and grow a pair (like Father Gabriel)! But yeah Lennie does a great job in portraying Morgan. I also loved his role in Snatch, which is one of my favourite movies.

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WolfCon 3.0: Photo and Vlog Overview-Part 2

Oh yeahhh!!!! It's time for our Wolfcon vlog part 2!  We went to WolfCon 3.0 in Amsterdam in the last weekend of July. WolfCon is a fan convention about the MTV series: Teen Wolf. It is organized by The Con Factory and held at the Park Plaza Amsterdam Airport Hotel. The guestlist consisted of: Ian Bohen (Peter Hale),  Max Carver (Aiden), Casey Deidrick (Halwyn), Ryan Kelley (Jordan Parrish), Gideon Emery (Deucalion), Charlie Carver (Ethan) and Froy Gutierrez (Nolan).  We attended a lot of the panels and normally we always try to make a compilation video of the panels at conventions like these, but we were only allowed to film small bits of the panels. In the week before the convention, we sent an email to Patricia from The Con Factory, asking if we could film because we usually make some videos about the panels. Patricia said it was prohibited, but filming some small bits should not be a problem. We did film some short bits and tried to mix them into our photo and vlog video overview of WolfCon 3.0. This is part 2! 

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How we nearly missed Charles Michael Davis!

If you're a big fan of the Originals (like us) you know who Charles Michael Davis is. Or at least you'll know it when I say: ' Marcellus' or ' Marcel Gerard'.  Yeah! We met him at Bloody Night Con. Initially Bloody night Con Europe had invited Daniel Gillies as a guest. Oh my, Liv and I were thrilled by that. We were and we were hell-bent on letting everybody around us know how thrilled we were. Especially Tristan and Sigmund. We sang our little Elijah song for months.We both bought a photo op. I really like the character of Elijah in the Originals. The way he acts and is dressed. He's unique! But, enough about Elijah. Because Daniel canceled! And that's where Charles came in the picture. 

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