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How Deadshot saved the day!

As you may know we attended ArcCon in Brussels on the 25th and 26th of June. One of the guests was Michael Rowe! Michael played the role of Deadshot (Floyd Lawton) in Arrow ( And an episode in the Flash)!


Michael was added to the guest list quite late after some cancellations. At a certain moment, a few guests had to cancel. This was quite close to the date Arccon would find place. KLZ events were doing everything in their power to find replacements (working very hard). And all the visitors tried to help as well, thinking of guests that might be available/ willing to come. 


Someone just tweeted to Arccon that they should invite Michael Rowe. Michael Rowe responded quickly himself by saying 'Let's do it'.  How does this doesn't make him already the coolest guy? So from that moment, everyone was hoping Arccon and Michael Rowe would be in contact and that the final decision would be that he would come to visit Arccon! 


And everything turned out great and Michael visited Arccon. As soon as the new came out Michael tweeted: "Ask and you shall receive. #Deadshot and his muscles are headin' to Brussels. Can't wait to meet everyone. Psyched!" 


At that moment, I was SO thrilled to read that. That was amazing news. KLZ Events and Michael made so many people incredibly happy at that moment. There was going to be another guest! Even better: It would be Michael Rowe!  



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Meeting Matt Ryan

As you may know we attended ArcCon in Brussels on the 25th and 26th of June. One of the guests was Welsh actor Matt Ryan. Matt was added to the guest list quite late after some cancellations. He plays the role of DC character John Constantine in two episodes of “Arrow”. This was a reprise of his title role in the NBC series “Constantine” (unfortunately the show was cancelled after one season). John Constantine is a chain-smoking demon hunter and a master of the occult. He struggles with his past and while saving the innocents, he constantly balances upon the line of good and evil. Constantine is kind of a reluctant antihero and he is not somebody, who would go out of his way for somebody other than himself.  I’m a big fan of DC and Constantine is a great example of why I like the DC characters. They all have an edge and Constantine is a rebel, I like that. Matt Ryan is also known for his role as Mick Rawson in “Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior” and for his voice and motion capture of Edward Kenway in Ubisoft’s “Assassin’s Creed: Black Flag”. 

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Meeting Violett Beane

Violett Beane at Arccon (KLZ Events)

At Arccon 2016, we met Violett Beane! Let us tell you more about our experience! For those of you who don't know who we are talking about. Violett Beane is  20 year old American actress. She played the role of Taylor in "The Leftovers". You can also see her in the 2015 movie "Flay" and the 2016 movie "Slash". But Violett is known for playing Jesse in The Flash. Jesse is the daughter of Harrison Wells from Earth 2. She's been on Earth 1 as well: She was taken to Earth 1 by Barry along with her father. But she didn't want to leave the life she had on Earth 2 behind her. At first I did not like Jesse, she was constantly whining about everything and screwing things up. But her character grew on my "Quick" and now I like the “rebel” in Jesse. She grew out to be a character I’m really looking forward to seeing her evolve in the next season of the show. After being hit by a wave of energy from the particle accelerator, there have been hints that Jesse becomes a speedster too.


She was announced quite last minute as a guest for Arccon. I was very happy with the announcement. I think her character in the Flash is very nice and I was excited to meet her. I immediately knew I wanted to get her autograph. As I said I really grew to like Jesse in “The Flash”, so I was looking forward to meeting the girl behind Jesse. I wasn’t sure whether I should get an autograph or a photo op however. Eventually I decided I wanted an autograph too.

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Meeting Shantel VanSanten

Shantel VanSanten and Rick Cosnett from the Flash
Shantel VanSanten and Rick Cosnett from the Flash

June 25th and 26th Liv and I went to Arccon. Arccon is a fan convention  with guests from the series The Flash and Arrow. Shantel VanSanten plays the role of Patty Spivot in the Flash!

Patty Spivot is a former police detective at the Central City P.D. She joins the police force after her father is shot by Mark Mardon during a robbery. When Mardon is affected by the dark matter after the explosion at S.T.A.R. Labs he becomes a metahuman (He is able to control the weather). Patty joins Joe West's Metahuman Taskforce to get revenge on Mardon. Patty and Barry grow closer and eventually start dating. Eventually Patty decides to chase her dream to beecome a CSI and she leaves Central City. For me this was a bit to sudden and I hope Patty returns to Central City in the future, because she was a very loveable character.


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Arccon: Overview 2016 (KLZ events)

Liv and I went to Arccon 2016 (June 25 th & 26th). It was organised by KLZ Events. Arccon is fan convention  with guests from the series The Flash and Arrow. February 27th, I was home alone. Just browsing the internet. When I saw this promotion for Arccon. The prices for the passes were lower: We must have seen it at exactly the same time. Liv and I started talking via Whatsapp immediately. Well, within a few minutes we bought the tickets. Yes that was a very spur of the moment decision. In my opinion it was now or never, so we decided to just do it! At that moment, there were 3 guests announced. (Colton, Rick and Manu). Later on also Katie and Shantel were announced. We were very happy with this awesome line-up and already bought some photo ops and autographs. Later on, we received the bad news that Colton had cancelled, followed by Katie and Manu. Well that wasn't fun! All week I walked around with a grumpy face, grumpy cat would be jealous of. But, KLZ also had good news. They found replacements quickly: Matt Ryan, Violett Beane and Michael Rowe! I was especially happy with the announcement of Matt Ryan. I loved him in his role as Constantine (he really does a brilliant job on portraying this one).But I was thrilled about all three replacements. 

This was our first KLZ convention! 

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