Merch Week 5

This week we went to Sittard for shopping. While wandering around at Boekenvoordeel, I saw some books about Game of Thrones:

- Achter de schermen bij HBO's Game of Thrones. Seizoen 1 & 2.

- Achter de schermen bij HBO's Game of Thrones. Seizoen 3 & 4.


Both give a view of how Game f Thrones was made and give backgroundinfo about the characters. I doubted whether to buy them.  (Would I really read the books, is the extra information interesting?).

I'm glad I did buy them. If you're a Game of Thrones fan, you'll love these books! The books have a luxurious  look and feel and once you get to the content, it only gets better. I love the variation between beautiful large photos, behind the scenes info and in depth articles about the important characters in Game of Thrones.  A bit more specific into the content you can expect:


- Preface by George R.R.Martin

- The history of the different houses

-Descriptions of the main characters

- The development of the Valyrian

- The theme music



You can buy these books in the Netherlands at Boekenvoordeel for 9,95!   

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